CMR sees 100% OCC at Lanna 1 & Lanna 2 hospital in Chiangmai, will cod 200 beds Lanna 3 hospital in 3Q, lifts total to 410 beds, target FY21 revenue growth no less 30%.

Comment: Making bank. Unless ppl have amazing insurance or are at a state hospital, people are going to suffer with payments for this.

COLOR to cod buoy production in July, sees healthy demand for solar floating, firms on 5 revenue growth target.

Comment: Solar floating cells are a tiny market. Selling skateboards or croissants are more profitable today.

BCH reports 720 beds occupied at hospitals, sees surging traffic at 15 hospital partners, will add 100 beds by end of 2Q.

Comment: See CMR

EA’s firm on 1,000 EV production, target 120 delivery in May and 400 in July, sees lower interest expense this year after holder approved Bt20b bond sales for refinance & working cap for EV & battery expansion.

Comment: That’s not enough scale. But the story is there.

HTECH reaffirms solid turnaround supporting by surged demand for HDD for cloud, big data and crypto, will penetrate in to U.S. & Vietnam market this year, eyes 7% revenue growth target.

NER sees strong 1Q21 from higher price and sales, said have secured orders until 3Q21, confident of Bt22b sales this year. Broker’s quoted by a Tabloid as expecting Bt364m 1Q21 NP, +507% yoy.

PTTGC may book Bt8.6b – Bt13b gains from disposal of 12.73% holding in GPSC to PTT for Bt25.126b, transaction to complete by end of June, lofty dividend expected, Tabloid.

Comment: Left pocket right pocket within the group.

RATCH: SSO cuts holding by 0.0457% to 4.9553% of total outstanding on Tuesday (April 20).

TFG target 10-15% revenue growth supported by strong chicken, swine and feed mill sales volume, higher average selling price yoy and higher THB revenue from weak currency, sets Bt3.5b capex to expand capacity in Thailand & Vietnam, issue free warrant (TFG-W3) to existing holders 10:1, XW April 29.

Comment: Retail loves free warrant, and don’t discount the reaction by the smaller local institutions, they are investing/trading like retail for the past few years.

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