I’m tired of writing about politics, instead look @ how the agro sector has done over the past few months versus the tech sector, we postulated perhaps the end of telcos and a switch to food a few months back (pat on the back) and we don’t see it finishing anytime soon, telcos are in a bit of a mess at the moment with the 3G migration costs and competition within the sector.



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  1. Any thoughts on SSC (EST Cola)?
    A chance to turnaround perhaps? Most loss looks like it’s coming from extraordinary accounting entries (some from write-off in old pepsi bottles)!


    • SSC’s revenue has dropped off a lot since the change from Pepsi to Est and the company still has the same fixed assets and operating costs. The GPM has improved quite a bit from 15% to 27% and a quick sensitivity analysis shows that the company only really has to increase its revenue by +15% to have a net profit again. But its market cap is still 23bn baht…its got some way to go to justify current valuations.

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