AAV to start accepting digital currency for payment from next year, sees 100% recovery in domestic travels in 2Q22.

Comment: I can just picture royal nationalists saying that is anti-monarchy… now, I am curious to see how far these systems will go. Though for now expect for all the Thai companies accepting “digital currencies” to just sell them to receive THB.

AOT sees 20% rise in flights in December, and 100% full recovery in domestic travels in March next year, targets 44% passenger growth next year, and 80% in 2023.

BGRIM sets Bt100b capex for PP M&A both at home and abroad, expects 1,000MW more capacity mostly alternative energy PP, sets 8-10% growth next year, sufficient fund to expand.

JKN launches Anne Skin, hemp oil, under JKN Best Life, offering 4 varieties.

Comment: Shim is a creative individual.

KKP in collaboration with True Money offering online lending, up to Bt400K, under KKP Cash Now, at 8.99% interest p.a. via True Money Wallet.

Comment: CP Group have figured out how to be a bank without having to get the license.

PTTEP sets Bt911b 5-yr capex, emphasizing on exploration, sees 5% sales growth, while mulling new business such as carbon capture, storage, robot and AI.

SMD to sell ATK at 7-11, on track to meet Bt1,550m revenue target this year.

WHA sees limited impact from Omicron, no sign of pause in investments from clients, firms on 20-30% growth in IE and logistics.

Comment: Of course there’s a limited impact there are no clients. I do wonder over 5-10 years if manufacturing reshores globally and with the further advent of robotics, what value does a firm like WHA (and AMATA) have for clients? Unless those clients are going to focus on the domestic market.

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