AAV to issue 8,000m new share @ Bt1.75, offering 5,028m share in PP, 1,714m share RO, and 1,257m share for CB conversion, shareholder meeting Nov 26.

Comment: Finally a real recap with one of the airlines here! There will be a trading opportunity at one point.

AOT sees advance booking for landing/takeoff slots tick up at DMK & SIA airports ahead of November 1, estimated 25k foreign arrival/day at DMK & 15k/day at SIA, 32k domestic passenger/day from 2 airports after reopened.

Comment: Emirates announced rehiring for 3,000 spots, 1 million people applied, all airlines are ramping up.

CPN reported average traffic at malls above 70% after covid curbs eased, expects positive momentum continue from higher international tourists after November 1, opening Central Sri Racha mall on October 27 & Ayudhaya on November 30.

Comment: Doesn’t matter, everything is picking up. Usual reopening story.

HENG: KBANK raised holding to 10% of total outstanding on Tuesday.

Comment: New IPO, was a great pump, don’t quite care

NSL launched 2 biscuit brands, Pung Thai & Crispy Pie, adding more products to boost sales.

SABUY in JV with TERO, setting up Tero Sabuy, offering vending machine installation and maintenance services, eyes 5-7 more JV/M&A by end of year.

Comment: They are making fantastic moves.

SELIC: consumer conglomerate, Saha Pathana Inter-Holding (SPI) raised holding by 2.5545% to 10.0437% of total outstanding on Monday.

TM upbeats 4Q earnings from improved surgery equipment orders as hospitals able to take more cases, firms on Bt650m-700m FY21 revenue target.

WP acquired gas cylinders refurbish business, Thai Gas Cylinder (TGC), will book immediate contribution from 4Q21.

Comment: I have massive q marks over the quality of management at WP…

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