BIZ issue free warrant (BIZ-W1) to existing holders at 10:1

GLOCON: 67.55m new shares from warrant exercise (GLOCON-W4) 1:1 @ Bt0.5/share tradable tomorrow.

Comment: They’ve just acquired a meatball producer for ~THB 500 mn

KBANK & TTB may report today, Bt8.24b & Bt2.09b consensus. 

Comment: Every bank has lower provisions, thank you BOT for allowing them to kick the can down the road.

KKP & Kasikorn Sec appointed to be FA for tires manufacturer IPO, Deestone.

NER sees strong 3Q, boosted by 2 new Indian clients and higher selling price, expects record high NP this year.

ORI launches Origin Wellness Residence for aging society with 2 projects worth By 995m.

PTG expects 10% growth in fuel and LPG sales in 4Q on reopening, firms on 15% sale growth next year.

Comment: But their marketing margins are being killed due to the high oil prices

RT to sign 2-3 tunnels projects in BKK within 4Q, lifts backlog >Bt7b, mulls bidding projects abroad, finalize plan next year.

Comment: Always wondered whether this company could be one of those entities with a niche monopoly position.

SKN established waste paper recycle subsidiary, SKN Kraft & Paper, to diversify from materials MDF, wood based panel to packaging & consumer segments.

Comment: Management must be looking at the performance of SCGP and UTP’s market and wanting to get in on the game.

TOA’s board approved 51% acquisition on gypsum boards & installation tools manufacturer, Gypmantech (GMT) for Bt800m.

Comment: Mean’s that they are trying to get into SCC’s market.

TR: Surya Kiran Investment raised holding to 11.4101% of total outstanding on October 15.

TRUE launches True 5G Innovative Cloud AR in collaboration with Nonvoice Alive, a world leader in 5G AR Application, with 9 apps on November 1 and 4 additional by end of year.

TTA’s subsea services subsidiary, Mermaid Maritime, secured contracts in TH, Saudi Arabia & Angola total US$120m, eyes more projects next year from improved O&G activities.

Comment: Historically they performed stupidly well during high oil price periods. It’s not a bad time to look at the O&G service providers 😉

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