AAV’s upbeat FY24 outlook from higher traffic from international route on visa free policy, new routes to Shianghai, Kaohsiung & Okinawa, target 20% FY revenue growth, cabin factor within 90% range, 20-21m FY passenger target.

Comment: It’s going to continue getting better. The only q for AAV is how much of the increased costs can they continue to pass onto customers – there is still zero real competition in the market.

AOT’s stepped up to the plate after PM ordered immigration clearance to be expedited at Suvarnabhumi airport to cut long queues.

Comment: …..if AOT wants to they can easily manage the immigration queues….they can simply open more lanes…they shut down lanes just to make noise and get a bigger budget for spending…

EA to issue new bonds worth up to Bt20b with terms of up to 15 years, to refinance debt and for business operations.

Comment: I hope the market gives them a 20% rate, their earnings have continued to decrease – no surprise the adder is gone and their EV bs isn’t working.

LPN to offer discounts to lure buyers, as its 5K completed condo units remaining unsold, worth Bt11b, with carrying cost of 4% p.a.

JASIF: name changed to 3BB Internet Infrastructure Fund, ticker changed to 3BBIF effective today.

MINT’s food unit revamp menu to boost sales, adding budget meal & single person menu to align with consumer behavior, eyes double digits sales growth this year.

Comment: Their F&B are dying. Other than DQ – tell me which one is actually showing decent SSSG. Or any growth for that matter.

OR target 3-4% FY fuels sales volume growth supported by robust demand for jet fuel, upside from CLMV sales, firms on plan to add 550 stations, will wrap 1 M&A food chain deal this yr.

Comment: That’s a very conservative volume growth estimate – I wouldn’t be surprised to see it double from what OR has announced..

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