AOT: HK Express will launch new route from HK to BKK (DMK) effective Apr 25 in addition to flights to BKK (SIA), Phuket, & Chiang Mai.

Comment: Don’t discount the upside…the numbers are just going to continue astounding and I’m feeling rather certain that Thailand will hit another infra bottleneck within the next decade for tourism.

COM7: local VI, Pongsak Thamathacharee, cuts holding by 0.4598% to 19.7003% on Feb 23.

CPAXT revealed FY24 expansion plan, will add 6-8 Makro branches locally & 1 overseas, 8-10 Lotus’s supermarket in TH & Malaysia & 100 micro branches of Lotus’s Go Fresh to expand upcountry, revamp food court Lotus’s Eatery and mall section to increase rentable space & improve rental rate, expand private label portfolio to up margin, upgrade fresh food section & food service in Malaysia branches to boost sale.

Comment: I don’t see Go Wholesale from CRC as a threat to Makro et al, CRC is going to have to dig in deep into their pockets to keep financing this business before which is not part of their DNA.

ICHI targets FY24 revenue @ Bt9b, margin >23%, targets minimum beverage production rate >100m bottles/month to optimize utilization rate, new capacity 200m bottles p.a. to cod 4Q24, lifts total capacity to 1.7b p.a. from current 1.5b, new product line up, Tan Power energy drink, on track to debut in Mar, aims to capitalize on an upcoming summer season.

Comment: TAN power drink? I mean why not? he has his own green tea brand, some food crap why not a power drink, with some Viagra added to it perhaps.

MGI: Pause (P) sign posted today (Feb 28) as the securities has abnormality in the trading and triggered Market Surveillance Measures, sign will be lifted tomorrow Feb 29.

Comment: Why? Let it moon shot to 1,000/share. This SET is rubbish, they’ll let DELTA dictate the future of SET index but stop us lowly retail investors pump names to the moon.

SPALI launches Bt500m Supalai Prime Villa luxury house in Krungthepkreetha-Motorway during Mar 9-10, target 56% growth in houses priced higher than Bt10m.

Comment: SPALI is going out there and spanking every wannabe real estate player and showing them how its done.

TK sees challenging year for motorbike hire-purchase, expects full year sales -9% yoy to 1.7m units, stringent on credit approval to curb NPL.

TTCL wins bio-refinery project from BSGF, a subsidiary of BCP, valued at Bt806m.

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