ABC plans to associate with Tencent Group and Ksher to launch WeChat Pay in 4Q16. It expects this to bring in more Chinese tourists. It targets 5,000 stores to join this service within 2017. It expects this to increase financial transactions by 10%. (Khao Hoon, 30/09/16)
Comment: I think that i’m going to run out of space typing about all the different business that ABC has. But if this Wechat is genuine then it could be a massive winner for ABC if (and its a mighty big one knowing this company) they can execute it properly
BDMS has budgeted Bt12.8mn to acquire Park Nai Lert, a five-star hotel. It expects to develop this land into “BDMS Wellness clinic”. It expects this to increase its foreign and local high end clients. It expects to open this center in 2Q17. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
Comment: The biggest news that was hitting the markets on Thursday was this, Nailert Park is gone, and BDMS is in.
BKD expects to get Bt1.5bn in projects. This would raise its backlog to Bt2bn. It expects 2016 performance to achieve target. It plans to revise up revenue target from 20% next year because outlook is good. It expects private projects to comprise 40% compared to 30% this year. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
CCP expects 2016 profit margin and revenue to be stable from 2015’s Bt2.66bn. It has backlog of Bt2.5bn and will book revenue from these for more than a year. It expects 2016 earnings to be good and plans to bid for a government job. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
CWT plans to acquire three biomass power plants to enlarged its power business. It has signed an MoU for a 5MW solar farm. It will bid for a new PPA and expects capacity of no less than 60MW. It expects to list its subsidiary on mai. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
EARTH targets coal sales to reach 12mn tons in 2017 from 2016’s 11mn tons. It expects coal price to bottom out, with selling price at US$60/ton. It expects 2H16 to be better than 1H16, leading 2016 revenue to achieve its target. It is studying investing in coal power plants in Indonesia. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)

KOOL expects 2H16 performance to be better than 2H15 because of its focus on exports and corporate clients. It plans to increase its inventory in preparation for next summer. (Khao Hoon, 30/09/16)
LALIN will launch “LALIN Town” on a piece of 60-plus rai. It is ready to sell two new projects with different styles, total value of Bt1bn, to meet customer demand. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
MALEE expects 2H16 earnings to continue to grow after recording a new high in 2Q16, backed by high season. It plans to launch promotions to stimulate sales at the end of the year. It is confident that sales in 2016 will grow more than 20%. It plans to find more partners in ASEAN. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
Comment: Given that management has been able to execute their growth plan this year. Execution risk is no longer there. 
PPM’s board approved a capital increase of 80mn shares via PP priced at Bt2.46/share. It expects funds of Bt196.80mn. The capital increase will make it possible to take advantage of opportunities. It expects the new shareholder to support its business growth. (Khao Hoon, 30/09/16)
SALEE has a positive sign and expects 2016-2017 profit double growth due to business recovery. It expects 2H16 profit growth 515% from 2H15. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
SIRI will focus on Thonglor area in response to higher demand. It expects land prices to rise 20-30% to Bt1.3-1.6mn in three years and for selling prices to grow 21% or average of Bt0.25-0.30 per sqm. It plans to launch two new high-end projects worth more than Bt10bn. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
Comment: Get ready for 300k-450k per sqm condo launches..bubble? Nope they are more than enough people will to buy. Question – is there a resale market? Nope.
SPALI launched a new condo worth Bt4bn and expects to launch six projects in 4Q16 worth Bt13bn. It expects 2016 presales to exceed its target of Bt24bn after reporting sales of Bt17.2bn in the first nine months. It expects revenue to hit its target of Bt22bn. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
Comment: They’ve proven to be one the most nimble property developers in Thailand over the past decade. Shifting their strategy when the market turns. 
UBIS expects 2H16 earnings to be good on the back of seasonality and large orders from China. It plans to expand abroad, with this to eventually contribute 70% of revenue. It expects 2016 revenue to reach Bt875.06mn. It expects its plant in China to start operations at the beginning of 2017 . (Thun Hoon, 30/09/16)
VGI and its partners won a 10-year contract for advertising media on Project Mass Rapid (MRT), SBK Line (MRT1) in Malaysia, with a track length 51km, totaling 31 stations and 58 trains. It is expected that the first phase of this line will start commercial operations at the end of 2016. (SET, 29/09/16)
Comment: I do like seeing more and more Thai companies continue to expand throughout the region. It only bodes well for Thailand and the listed companies to have this ability to scale regionally. 

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