Amata B.Grimm mulls Malaysia plant to feed South – Amata B.Grimm Power is considering building a coal-fired power plant in Malaysia to avoid a potential outcry over construction of such a plant in Thailand.(Bangkok Post, 09/09/13)


Growth continuing — CCP expects revenues to continue to grow for the sixth consecutive month on backlog of Bt2.1bn, excluding new work. The company is seeing strong sales growth in the second half of the year and expects to reach its revenue target for the year of 15-20%. Moreover, Smart Concrete PCL’s listing on MAI is expected to be concluded by this November. (Khao Hoon, 09/09/13)

Comment: The firm seems to have quite a few catalysts along with the upcoming government spending


 30% growth this year — ARROW is confident that revenues this year will grow by 30% to touch Bt1bn supported by the construction industry that is still growing strongly from investment in the Blue and Red lines together with new property projects located close to train stations. The company is also looking to penetrate markets abroad to diversity its portfolio. (Khao Hoon, 09/09/13)


LH pays Bt3.3bn for California apartment- Land and Houses Plc (LH) has bought an apartment building in downtown Oakland, California, worth US$104mn (Bt53.35bn) for rent. Located on a 3.84-rai plot close to San Francisco Bay, the apartment has high potential thanks to its proximity to the high-growth technology industry in that country, the company said. The apartment has 264 units with a present occupancy rate of 96%. The source of funds came from bank loans, the company said. (Bangkok Post, 09/09/13)

Comment: A pet project? Regardless its a small impact on the total balance sheet & earnings of LH


PTT focuses on liquidity – PTT, the national energy conglomerate, is keenly conscious that cushioning itself from external forces and keeping itself sufficiently liquid is not a choice, but a “must” amid the radical changes in the business environment. (Bangkok Post, 09/09/13)


Bidding for Bt15bn in projects — SRICHA is bidding for more than Bt15bn in projects domestically and internationally and expects to no less than Bt2-3bn. The company expects to book revenues of Bt1.5bn in 2H13, with an increase in the liquidity of its stock and foreign shareholding. (Khao Hoon, 09/09/13)

Comment: If the company expects to win all these contracts then be careful, cap raising will be required.

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