ACAP defaulted interest payment for bondholders of ACAP20NA due yesterday, SEC filing,

Comment: That’s another one down.

ADVANC’s insisted no personal info from customers was leaked during a scheduled test earlier this month – only non-critical info was exposed online as reported by foreign media.

Comment: Singapore get your act together…do they really want to lose market share to True? At the end of the day, unless True is clever with their social media campaign, I doubt AIS will lose market share as a result of this.

BANPU said coal price had bottomed out and could recover to $70-80.

Comment: If only they were still a pure coal play.

BPP keeps 5,300MW capacity target within 2025, mulls investment in gas powerplants in the US and windfarm in Vietnam.

CPF sees upward trend on livestock price till end of year from supply shortage, inorganic growth from investment in US & Canada pork producers (Prime Port & Provista) to boost earnings.

Comment: Vietnam pork prices are at all time highs. And are likely to remain high for the rest of the year.

FN reports 12 outlet stores fully open after easing lockdown phase 2 on May 17, expects 2H turnaround after team up Shopee & Lazada to expand online shopping, rolls out campaign via FN app to revive spending.

HMPRO adds WFH, fixing DIY and cooling products on shelf to accommodate WFH demand.

NOBLE reports earnings bottom out 2Q, maintaining 6 new projects worth Bt24b in 2H, Bt10b full year revenue target.

Comment: I just see more debt, lower selling prices, lower margins, and potential recaps across the board excl LH.

Former THAI president Piyasvasti Amranand, widely recognized for his past success in leading THAI to recoup losses and begin making profits again, is among the four new directors of THAI’s board.

Comment: The inmates are back running the asylum 

Transport Ministry mulls Bt80b budgets to replace highway barrier with rubber ones to support rubber producers, positive STA, TRUBB.

ZEN seeks to expand franchise sales of Thai a-la-carte dish restaurant, Kiang, in 2H, will expand delivery to curb downside from social distancing measures.

Comment: Restaurants just look sad at the moment, but those with the financial capability to hold on should be back to normal in 2-3 months. Note that all of this thinking I have is driven by my viewpoint that governments globally have fcuked up their response to the wuflu and that there will not be another lockdown.

  1. AGE is somewhat an Pure Coal Play. Or not?

    Btw…Thanks for your great work, without you there’s no relavant News Site for Thai Stocks anymore since BP just announced the Government and Company News , The Nation give up and the other Thai Stocks related Website with the same Name is in my view operated by an “Con Man “

    • AGE – coal trading. From memory I think it does benefit should ASP of coal prices rise as it earns on a dollar basis not a %. I think this was the case over a decade ago when banpu/age both went sky high during the last bull commodity period.

      Thank you for reading…do note..I don’t give recommendations on names…perhaps it comes out in comments what I like (tho I definitely say what I hate…), but always do your own work.

      Thai stocks – Paul’s a nice fellow with a good eye. We have communicated in the past some 12-15 years ago, haven’t followed up with what he’s doing. Perhaps its just the case that small/mid caps (which I also love) have been performing terribly despite their decent operating performance.

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