AP reports 4M20 sales topped Bt8.33b, Bt4.93b backlog pending transfer, delay plans to add land bank, maintaining Bt33.5b FY20 presales target.

Comment: That’s still decent.

BAM reaffirms at least Bt1 dividend payout this year, sees recovery in 2H, plans to sell Bt3.3b worth of rehabbed assets. Inclusion into MSCI this Friday will see $58m inflows, Tabloid.

Comment: I’m surprised to see that this name is so popular in the news.

BPP target cod 4 powerplants total 453mw in 2H, lifts total to 2901mw by end of year.

CCET anticipates electronic manufacturing services (EMS) business recovery in 2H from surged demand for network equipment, 5G hardware and 5G compatible productions.

Comment: I do think there’s an investment thesis for 5G….new phones, hardware etc etc but have yet to figure it out…

CMAN: local fund, Bualuang AM, cuts holding by 0.0478% to 4.9564% of total outstanding on Thursday (May 21), SEC filing.

CPN cuts this year capex to Bt11b from Bt22.3b set earlier, reduces investments in new malls, hotels and residential.Comment: And then there will be ripple effects to their service providers/contractors/work force etc.

EIC: name change to Wow Factor Pcl, ticker remained unchanged, effective today.

Comment: Wow Factor? Well then….wonder what the dodgy shareholders behind EIC/Wow will try to do with the business.

ICHI to launch alkaline drink, PH Plus 8.5, in within 3Q a quarter sooner than schedule, mulls expand production in CLMV.

Comment: We’ve ordered a box, it’s nothing special, healthy water is a great scam though…could be trendy for a period of time.

ITEL wins 2 contracts from Directorate of Joint Communication Royal Thai Armed Forces HQ total worth Bt135.59m, firms on Bt2.4b full year revenue target.

MCS wins 5k tons steel order from Obayashi Corp, kick-off transfer from October 20 till March 21.

Finance Ministry orders profitable state enterprises to come up with new business plans by end of June. PTT and AOT may see lower profits but retained earnings should allow both to maintain dividend payout, as Government needs cash for COVID relief programs.

Comment: Well…..no, and then what, these companies will have to load up on debt on their balance sheets in order to pay out these divvys? 

THAI: MOF cuts holding by 3.17% to 47.8628% of total outstanding on Friday, SEC filing.

Comment: And now they can fire everyone.

TOP cuts capex this year by Bt2-2.5b, lowers jet oil production and ups diesel.

Comment: Wouldn’t be surprised for it to return to 60 this year given the GRMs

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