ACE, TPCH, UAC, EGCO, GUNKUL are expected to join bids for 150MW community PP, after PEA sets April 27-30 bidding schedule.

Comment: The connected players are ACE EGCO GUNKUL, the independent hard working folk are TPCH and UAC. You can guess the winners.

AGE sees 1Q coal sales volume double yoy, target full year volume >5.5m tons, expects price remained high on global recovery, will open 2nd pier terminal on May 1, plans to add 52 vehicles to expand logistic business.

Comment: Oh hello commodities

CPF & TFG are expected to report record high profit from lofty chicken & swine selling price, improved sales volume yoy and higher THB revenue from weak currency.

Comment: CPF has been cheap forever if you take into account it’s holding in CPALL. I suppose there is a massive discount on the name as a result of management/board/shareholders/ESG etc etc…

INSET approves plan to pay dividend, 10:1 share and Bt0.81 cash, XD April 28, sees solid 15-20% growth this year, a record, on demand to upgrade gadget and system to 5G and WFH.

LH upbeats 1Q presales from positive SDH sales momentum from mid & upscale segments, higher associated income yoy on absence of lockdown.

PIMO in talk with CHO to jointly develop EV, allots Bt500m to expand motors production plant to supply e-bike & car manufacturers.

Comment: If wasn’t for the political incumbents, we’d have cleaner buses throughout Bangkok. CHO has done a great job in the North East.

RS sets Bt10b revenue target by 2023, using Entertainmerce strategy to reach its goal, focusing on media, RS Mall (Health products), health products for mass market, and M&A.

Comment: KISS is trying to get into this game as well, I wonder how long the great margins will last in this distribution game.

SCGP launched paper bed to support field hospitals.

SIRI targets new 16 SDH projects total Bt15.5b, debuts new brand (Siri Place) focus on townhome projects, expects FY21 turnaround following portfolio adjustment.

WHAUP to install 40MW solar rooftop this year, from current 61MW, secured 2.32MW for Banpong Tapioca to be realized 1Q22.

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