ADVANC keeps 2-5% revenue growth target this year, sees benefit from 5G, helping healthcare sector to weather the covid storm

Finance Ministry extends jet fuel tax cut to Bt0.20/liter from the April 30 expiration to December 31, positive to AAV, BA and AOT.

ILINK reaffirms solid 1H earnings from strong network installations rev supported by WFH, telemedicine infra for hospital & field hospitals to avoid Covid infections.

SANKO mulls expanding aluminum parts for EV, sees growth from larger domestic production.

STARK sees larger demand for cable on EV adoption, charging infra to support migration to EV.

Comment: And they want to be the monopoly in this.

TIDLOR, expected to debut on May 10, may be fast-tracked into SET50, bumping either one of these out, TOA, BAM, COM7, VGI, or TU.

Comment: Magical. Not sure how it could kick out COM7, but the other 4 sure.

WHAUP upbeats FY21 outlook from larger water sales volume yoy to industrial clients on absence of lockdown, expects sales growth >30%, target 670mw solar rooftop/floating PPA by end of year from current 560mw.

Comment: Their #’s will look amazing this year, because of the several write-off’s (one time events) that were taken in 2020.

WGE sees solid 1Q, supported by Bt3.2b backlog, with potential to add Bt3.5b more, sees revenue growth yoy.

ZEN sees 4M21 sales dropped 20% yoy from shrinking traffic at restaurants as ppl keen to stay home, cuts FY21 revenue growth target to 20% from +30-40% previous guidance.

Comment: Because now they’ve lost another 2 months. The paranoia is strong out there.

  1. Hi Pon, appologies for having to ask you this: I applied for 11,000 shares in the TILOR IPO. 100% of my subscription monies were returned to me on Friday. Is there a contact number where I can call to find out why this is? Thanks in advance.

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