ACG upbeats outlook after branching out from auto dealership to maintain services business as drivers opted to fix rather replace amid outbreak, will open 2nd branch in May, target 6 garages by end of year.

The Fed of Thai Industries (FTI) suggests the government use BCP petrol stations and factories nationwide as vaccination locations to speed up the rollout.

Comment: Why not PTT stations? Or PTG? There are far more of those 2 than BCP

DELTA sees solid 1Q on higher demand in EV related and weak THB .

GULF said it is ready to apply for a short-term loan from 15 local and foreign financial institutions worth Bt150b to fund its acquisition of INTUCH.

Comment: You want loan growth? Here it is.

PERM reaffirms solid turnaround FY21 driven by steel backlog orders, wider margins from strong selling price vs cheap stocks on hands.

PRM signs agreement with Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) to lease large crude carrier (VLCC) for US$52m, aiming to ride on recovery trend.

Comment: Not a bad decision, leasing far cheaper than acquiring a tanker today. Tanker prices have 2-3x over the past 2 years.

TNP to open 2 supermarket branches in 2Q, sees robust sales on face masks & sanitizing products, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

Comment: This little retailer is still expanding.

TRITN wins Bt360m contract to install signaling and telco system for Lopburi-Paknampho dual-tracked train.

Comment: I have constant question marks about the management/shareholders here.

UTP firms on 10% FY21 revenue growth target supported by strong packaging demand from e-commerce, sees wider margins yoy from higher utilization rate, mulls expand capacity.

  1. TNP flat lining and profit taken but maybe they will be a take over target???
    You have alerted my interest in STARK. I am trying to get my head around the full likely impact of 5G. Maybe overblown here.
    ASIAN still making me smile.
    Only just made a move on COM7. I still see growth because of the incredible Brand strength of Apple. My daughter has screwed an iPhone out of me.
    Worried about big investors pulling money out of Thailand. Could hurt.

    • TNP Takeover – Too small for the big boys to care about
      STARK – just be aware things may change. I have no position on this other than a viewpoint.

      What big investors? Pulling out where? equities? Done. Bonds ~10% of the total fixed income market. Already lower than where it was 7 months ago.

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