ADB mulls production capacity of med-grade plastic compound, sealant for construction and plastic beads for cable to capture demand, eyes 30% sales growth target.

AOT: Thai Lion Air plans to resume international flights from SIA in 2Q, will open BKK-Jakarta route to serve transit passenger to JPN & India.

Comment: Now if only Thailand could remove the ridiculous restrictions for travellers, then things will start to take off again.

State Railway board approved bidding results of south purple MRT extension, CK & STEC 1 contract each total Bt35b, ITD 2 contracts total Bt16.6b,

Comment: And boom more of the infrastructure projects finally approved by this amazing government. Is this the last chance for these crooks to get kickbacks before there is a change? And is this what drove them to finally approve all the projects that have been sitting around for approval for the past 7 years?

JP granted hemp production license (exclude planting) from FDA for commercial & industrial purposes, will extract & distribute the distraction to food and cosmetic manufacturers & develop supplement products.

Comment: So many players, who’ll the winner be? Or just own the tollways that will get a slice of the business no matter what.

NER targets 20% FY22 revenue growth >Bt28b from higher rubber sales volume from improved industrial market & higher capacity yoy, mulls establish production plant in India to expand market share in the country.

NWR 1 contract Bt15b, UNIQ 1 contract Bt14.9b, ink deal in March.

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