CII VN Equity
CII only sold 3.53mn treasury shares out of 44.33mn registered shares at the average price of VND35,128/share from Jan 24 to Feb 22, thus reducing its stake to 40.8mn shares. Besides, CII also successfully sold 9mn shares of NBB Investment Corp (NBB VN) via order-matching and block trade methods from Jan 25 to Feb 23, thus decreasing its stake from 60.13% to 51.14% (51.22mn shares). FYI, co. relates to NBB’s Vice Chairman Le Quoc Binh and BoD member Nguyen Quynh Huong.

Comment: This should’ve been a real tollway player, had a great biz model with an effectively guaranteed IRR per project, but then property projects and go through their balance sheet and stock price movements and tell me wtf they are doing.

DXG VN Equity
Chairman Luong Tri Thin registered to buy a total of 20.73mn DXG shares (including 725,700 ESOP shares and 20mn shares) via order-matching or block trade method from Feb 28 to Mar 29. If successful, his stake would be increased from 14.08% to 17.34% (104.89mn shares).

FRT VN Equity Vice CEO Nguyen Viet Anh bought 97.2k FRT shares out of 200k registered shares via order matching method from Jan 19 to Feb 17, thus increasing his stake from 0.53% to 0.65% (512,764 shares). After that, he continued to register to buy 200k FRT shares via order matching and/or block trade methods from Mar 01 to Mar 30. If successful, his stake would be increased to 0.90% (712,764 shares).

Comment: They were the first player in VN to officially sell iPhones.

PDR VN Equity
Chairman Nguyen Van Dat registered to contribute capital of 10mn PDR shares via block trade method from Feb 28 to Mar 29 (without further information on which business). If successful, his stake would be reduced from 51.48% to 49.45% (243.7mn shares).

PLX VN Equity
ENEOS Corp, which relates to BoD Member Mr. Toshiya Nakahara, registered to transfer all of its stake of 65.7mn shares (5.08%) to ENEOS Vietnam Company LTD. via VSD, for the purpose of contributing additional capital by shares. Expected time will be from Feb 25 to Mar 26. If successful, ENEOS Vietnam Company LTD’s stake would be increased from 8% to 13.08% (169.23mn shares). FYI, ENEOS Vietnam Company LTD is the subsidiary of ENEOS Corp.

Comment: Petrol stations, oil distribution, etc etc, a PTT Group of sorts, I think there’s nothing special here, but the Japanese trading conglo loves it.

PVD VN Equity
PVD approved to issue max. 84.23mn shares to pay 2019 and 2020 stock dividend at the ratio of 10:2. Expected time will be before Jun 30, after getting approval from SSC.

Comment: This country loves their stock dividends, argument is that it increases the equity base thereby allowing further leverage, great game til the music stops (which probably won’t happen for another decade), but there are better ways…

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