ADVANC asking for injunction from the Central Administrative Court to allow its customers to continue using 900MHz if JAS does not make its license fee payment. Its 2G-900 service will cut off at midnight tonight, the NBTC said. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: And the drama continues….we are all rather curious as to how 1q looks for these telco’s

BKD’s capital increase shares of 146mn will trade today. Institutional investors are interested in its shares because of its strong financial position with Bt1bn cash on hand. It plans to take part in Bt3bn in bids, with bid winners expected to be announced in mid-2016. It expects this to bump up 2016 revenue growth by 20%. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)

GOLD plans to expand its business to condominiums. It expects 1H16 sales to reach Bt7bn (30% growth) compared to 1H15’s Bt5.4bn, thanks to high demand generated by tax incentives. It is confident 2016 revenue will hit Bt10bn as targeted. (Thun Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: I do wonder if this competes against UV’s condo business via Grand Unity

IEC’s board has approved increasing capital by 73,639mn shares, to be offered as a PP of 32,960 mn shares with 40,679mn shares for the exercise of its warrants. Its board also approved investing in new plants. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: So which new shareholder is going to punt IEC?

KTB expects 2016 revenue to grow 15-20% as targeted by focusing on money market and capital market clients. It will be an underwriter for Bt30bn in debentures in 1H16. It expects 2016 debentures will reach Bt80bn. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: That is quite the aggressive target for a bank, unless they feel that they can really grow their non-interest income business – perhaps from the government projects, then I don’t see this possibly happening..

NOK will cancel 60 flights a day through the end of the month as it has been unable to get enough pilots to fly its full schedule. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: The aviation business is already one of the most difficult industries to operate in and NOK goes to show that if you’re an absolutely useless manager then you’ll fail.

SCN plans to take over Kao Charoen logistics company in order to widen its customer base, especially in the private sector engaged in NGV gas station business. It expects the logistics business to generate revenue of Bt350mn/year. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)

SENA expects 2016 revenue to achieve Bt3.5bn (30% growth) aided by Bt3.2bn in backlog. It expects 2016 net profit to be higher than last year’s because of its 46.5MW solar farm, which it expects to contribute Bt40-50mn to net profit. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: Given that Sena’s share price didn’t run the usual way stocks used to in Thailand when there’s solar news perhaps implies that the renewable boom for retail investors is over.

SVI expects 2016 sales to double to US$400mn backed by high orders. It is budgeting Bt650mn to buy new machines. (Khao Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: He gave quite his usual show yesterday regarding his potential to grow SVI and utilising the new company bought in Europe

TFG expects to show a net profit in 1H16 after the 1H15 net loss of Bt928mn, backed by demand recovery and cost control. It targets 2016 revenue to grow 20% aided by expanding its market at home and abroad. It expects its sausage plants to start in 2Q16. (Thun Hoon, 15/03/16)

UV plans to cooperate with GOLD to set up Golden Ventures REIT. The two assets to be sold into the fund are Park Venture Ecoplex at Ploenchit and Sathorn Square at Sathorn with 100% occupancy rate. (DBB, 15/03/16)
Comment: We are hearing a potential yield @ 8% and that it’s been fully subscribed since last week

WIIK got Bt225mn funds from the PP of 225mn shares. It plans to buy new machinery and improve the old, with the aim of becoming #1 in the region. It expects sales to increase not less than 20% in 2016 after getting into the black in 2015, and will pay its first dividend in seven years. (Thun Hoon, 15/03/16)

XO expects its new plant to start in 3Q16 which will double its capacity. It expects sales to reach Bt6bn (15% growth). It expects two M&A deals to be completed soon. It expects 1Q16 earnings to be good. (Thun Hoon, 15/03/16)
Comment: For personal reasons I had to run around all of Bangkok the past weekend to look for a certain Asian sauce brand and in every tops, foodland, villa, max value, I found XO sauce on every shelf…

  1. Pon, there is a story in the Nation newspaper quoting Takorn saying that JAS has clinched a loan for the 4G license payment from a foreign bank?

    Possibly a mistranslation by the newspaper as no other media outlet is reporting anything similar?

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