ADVANC sees BB data traffic +70% yoy from WFH & distance learning, will amp up network expansion to boost market share.

CHAYO announced partnership with AUCT, expects value addition to current leasing business and distress debts management where AUCT able to accommodate 30-40k vehicles thru its yards.

Comment: COM7 owner bought in, and now a partnership with AUCT. It’s bad debt time to shine.

HMPRO teams up BAY to roll out campaign on home decoration products via Home Pro Online to boost sales, targets FY21 online sales in category +23% yoy above Bt780m.

GUNKUL sets 15-20% revenue growth target for FY21, after +30% in 2020, sets 1,000MW capacity targets in 2023 and Bt20b capex.

SCN wins maintenance projects for PTT’s NGV stations for Bt195m.

SMART will add more light concrete products to boost sales, sees healthy demand for lightweight density concrete bricks on energy saving from heat insulation & lower transport costs.

TFG targets 15% FY21 revenue growth, supported by chicken & swine selling price, higher exports sales volume yoy, targets chickens exports sales volume +8% yoy above 65kt from 60kt in FY20, sets Bt2.5b capex to up feed-mill capacity to 15ktpa from current 10ktpa, targets +10% feed-mill sales growth this year.

Comment: The owner has been buying a lot of shares in the company regardless of price since it ipo’ed. Do look at the birdflu news that is wiping out inventory in northern europe, korea, china etc.

TWPC branches out from vermicelli & noodle to HVA products, will add bio-plastic derived from tapioca & plant-based products to boost margins, eyes 8-9% sales growth target.

Comment: Cows are plant-based. But regardless, positive move for TWPC to diversify their product portfolio

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