ADVANC firms on plan to expand 5G coverage, sees mass data package upgrade for surging demand for distance learning and WFH, add bundle pkg 5G, BB and wifi to draw more subscribers.

GLOBAL upbeats 2Q earnings from higher sales yoy, wider margins on building mat thanks to higher steel price and tailwind from online sales, target >10-15% SSSG yoy, allots Bt2b capex to add 3 branches.

Comment: Watch everyone post amazing numbers in 2Q. The YoY comps are going to be incredible. Do you remember what happened last year?

MPG: co., name change to Health Empire Corp, ticker change to HEMP effective today.

Comment: What amusing event’s are going on here?

SPRC expects no stock loss this year, anticipates 2H21 GRM stays above US$3.5/bbl, allots US$34m to revamp cracking unit.

STARK reaffirms 15% FY21 revenue growth target after logged Bt441m np in 1Q +68% yoy, sees positive earnings visibility from Bt13b backlog on hand, expects to win additional cable projects total Bt9b in 2H.

Comment: And another news item from STARK…watch them try their best in order to join the SET50/SET100

TKN will add non-seaweed snacks in 2H to expand segment coverage, in talk partners to joint develop plant-based & hemp-derived products.

Comment: Another one going into Hemp

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