ADVICE in talk Apple to be authorize distributor in TH, expects to open iStudio by Advice by eo-2Q.

Comment: I don’t know anyone that got these shares, so the great little pumps are back!

ASIAN upbeats outlook this year from improved frozen seafood exports vol, +ve pet food sales mmtum, eased pressure on pdtn costs, will launch new products in 2/3Q to boost sales, exploring opportunities to expnd tuna client base in middle east.

Comment: If you want the pure play on pet food it’s AAI.

CPN has opened Central Nakornsawan, its 41th mall, yesterday, a mixed-use model worth Bt5.8b, t/g foot traffic of >25K/day.

Comment: And they’re still growing. Now the question for Central is …. will the Chinese ecommerce fellas come in and destroy them? Or is there enough space given that Central now creates destinations, and isn’t fully reliant upon retail…

GLOBAL sees healthy sales of home repairing items, expts FY SSSG btw 3-5% range, will launch mobile app to offer one-stop services.

MTC aims to grow its lending port by 20% this year to Bt170b and curb NPLs at 3.2%, to improve customer access to financial resources thru its 7,600 branches.

Comment: They’ve been growing at 20% since they went public, what shenanigans is this? But i am going to meet them soon… so..let’s see.

TRUE Internet Data Center (TRUE IDC) sets 3-yr capex at Bt10b to u/g infra and expand 2 data center (TRUE IDC East Bangna & TRUE IDC North Muang Thong) to accommodate high density computing for AI, improved quality of content streaming for online media (Over-the-top; OTT), higher capacity for hyperscaler cloud & social media service providers.

Comment: Let’s see….then they can spin this off into an infra REIT

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