AJA appoints Miss Grand International (MGI) to be sole online distributor of health supplements, anti-aging & beauty products, seeks to expand B2B wholesale both domestic and overseas, adding new products total 30 SKU to boost sales.

Comment: I mean….if AJA is appointing you, you gotta be quality…..AJA has been in far too many pump n dumps for me to remember.

AOT sees 3.5m passenger during CNY week at its 6 airports, +20% yoy, and would avg 352,393/day, with 21,115 flights/d, +16.7% yoy.

Comment: It’s definitely feeling a lot like CNY

BAY eyes more M&A in retail banking business to expand footprint in the region, target to boost overseas revenue from 14% last year to 25% over next 3 years.

Comment: I’m not sure if BAY is going to be the main investment/financing arm for the Japanese expansion throughout the region. They’ve already been going directly, and just using BAY to take pieces here and there.

BDMS is expected to register solid 1Q supported by wellness tourism after signed MOU on healthcare collaborate with Saudi late last year, wider margin from specialty clinics and complex diseases, higher contribution from SSO patients, Thunhoon.

Comment: BDMS are going to be building mosques within their hospitals. The issue for BDMS now is that in the provinces, they’re going to lose market share to the great local players that are able to provide the same/better service at -20-30% the price.

DITTO’s board approved acquisition of 24.9% stake in NETBAY, 49.8m shares @ Bt17 total Bt846m via share swap with NETBAY’s CEO, Pichit Viwatrujirapong, which will receive 3.32m shares of DITTO @ Bt25.5/share valued at Bt846m, to complete by end of Feb, AGM Feb 5.

Comment: So the POS that is DITTO has decided to buy a real business in NETBAY and then the founder of NETBAY went “ahhh I’m finally liquid” and will dump his stake in DITTO.

KLINIQ sees all time high revenue in 2023 to Bt2.2b, +30-40%, from 50 branches nationwide, expects another record high this year with same 30-40% growth, supported by 15 new branches.

Comment: You need to carefully go through this company’s accounts.

NYT sees monthly avg vehicles traffic thru RO-RF pier between 85k to 90k units/month driven by auto EX-IM, boost from EV, mulls expand cargo warehouse to fill demand for space.

Comment: Okokokok. Are these EV’s been Exported? Or imported?

PTTEP’s allocating a Bt230b this year to boost gas production at Erawan gas block, expects petroleum sale to grow 9% to 505K DOED this year from 468K last year.

Comment: OH, MORE CAPEX FROM OIL&GAS? Who’s been saying that the only industry spending money this year are the OGs? Sustainability/ESG donkeys can LMBs.

SSP to conduct feasibility study to invest in 2 windfarm projects including 38mw windfarm in Pingtung, Taiwan and 150mw in Bako Philippines.

  1. HNY (you have several choices), Pon. So, will BDMS have the usual loudspeakers installed, for calls to prayers? AOT: i had marked this for it’s bluesky, with development of its land holdings. anything new there? tia

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