AEONTS anticipates solid 4Q22 (eo-Feb23) driven by higher card spending from shopping tax rebate stimulus, lower LLP after purged bad debts last year.

Comment: It doesn’t seem to what how slow or fast the economy is growing, AEONTS continues to grow its equity year after year.

ALL defaulted on a bond’s Bt10.7m interest payment yesterday, because of liquidity crunch.

Comment: They couldn’t even make a THB 10 mn interest payment on a debenture, and just a few years ago the owner was on magazines showing off his super cars. So how many others will go down this route?

BAFS upbeats FY23 outlook from recovery jet refueling business, contribution from pipeline business via Fuel Pipeline Transport (FPT) & renewable business in TH & JPN, sees upside from China reopens, cod of SAT-1 terminal at SMK 4Q23.

BCPG will acquire an oil terminal and seaport business of Asia Link Terminal Co. for Bt9b to expand into oil storage and transport services, financed by internal cashflows.

Comment: A good move for BCPG.

BGRIM reported cod of 140mw cogen pp (BGPM1R) in WHA Map Ta Phut, Rayong, will recognize 70% holding from 1Q23, additional 140mw BGPM2R to cod by eo-1Q23.

Comment: The only question for them is the cost of power these plants, hence why they were hurt in 2022.

CH revamps dried fruits brand, Bangkok Tasty, to increase awareness, in talk partners to penetrate in to souvenir shops to capture tourists, will continue participate in trade fairs in EU this year, sees strong demand for OEM granolla, dried fruits, vegetarian foods, fish snacks for private label, eyes 10% revenue growth target.

Comment: Distributors are the key.

NER sees >500K tons sale target in FY23, revenue >Bt30b, growth momentum carried from 4Q22 to 1Q23, supported by large Chinese clients.

Comment: Could be a dark horse for 2023, momentum seems to be continuing despite the volatility in product prices.

SPVI maintains conservative revenue growth this year at 10% yoy from Bt5.57b FY22, expects positive sales momentum on mobile & gadgets continued supported by shopping tax rebate stimulus, surging international travelers and improving domestic consumptions, will add 10 branches this year from current 82 outlets focusing on school & university.

Comment: COM7 is the bellweather to watch, everyone else will just follow.

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