AGE branches out from coal sales & bulk transport to container logistics business, aims to revamp pier, warehouse and truck to utilize existing resources, maintaining Bt11b FY21 revenue target.

Comment: Inventory gains = massive profits, that’s the story for AGE.

BCH reaffirms solid 2Q while 3rd wave of covid will boost 3Q, supported by 900K covid tests so far and boosting SSO patients to 1 mil, to start administer Moderna vaccine from October.

INET’s Data Center IFF, INETREIT, debuts IPO 330m units at Bt10 apiece on August 9 (Monday).

ILINK: president, Chalida Anuntarumporn, sold 7m shares at Bt7.5/share to Ton Poh AM on Tuesday.

Comment: Toh Poh has been in the markets here for 2 decades or so. Well-known to take blocks in co’s with “research insight” ahead of others.

INTUCH reports Bt2.81b, 2Q NP, -5% yoy, topped Bt2.65b consensus, pays Bt1.23 dps, XD Aug 17. GULF’s tender for INTUCH at Bt65 ended yesterday.

ITEL: Vice Chairman, Sombat Anuntarumporn and spouse purged entire holding 31.666m at Bt4.3/share to Ton Poh AM on Tuesday

Comment: See ILINK, note that the family still owns most of co.

PSH launches Shopee 8.8 campaign, offering promo for >77 projects nationwide to boost e-commerce sale by 100% during lockdown.

SPCG reassures solid 2Q from solar-roof installation biz supported by SPCG Leasing, enabling household & corporate to afford with payment options, 300m2 solarfarm in EEC to cod 1H22, firms on Bt5.5b full year revenue target.

THG chairman, Boon Vanasin, yesterday admitted his attempt to strike a deal to secure 20m doses of Covid vaccine produced by Pfizer-BioNTech is likely to fall through. He’s being investigated by both SET and SEC for possible share price manipulations for his constant comments on vaccine procurement.

Comment: The SEC is looking at the wrong companies. Specific to THG, I think he’ll walk away with a fine at worst as I doubt there being an intent to manipulate the share price.

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