AMR target to secure Bt2,000m worth of new contract p.a., adding to Bt1,400m backlog.

Comment: I have questions marks over how this company wins projects. A new IPO, not much of a track record historically. Perhaps a good play on the corruption with the government.

DELTA maintained 10% FY21 sales growth target as pandemic accelerates IT infra upgrade, keeps full year capex plan at US$ 20-30m.

Comment: Well their manufacturing business is still operating fine, but it is trading at a BV of 30x for a manufacturer….or a PE of 100x. Funnymentals work!

GULF has secured 29% of INTUCH, leading to the last day of tender today, still confident of getting >40%, but in any case will be allowed to buy more post-tender, but price can not exceed Bt65.

Comment: GULF vs CP, as a friend said “Two monopolists with no commercial or technical expertise”

HFT expects windfall from motorbike tires sales thanks to dine-in ban & delivery only for restaurants in malls, sees wider margins 3Q on products repricing, improved utilization rates as competitors suspend production line from Covid, will report 2Q tomorrow (Thursday).

Comment: They sell tires…and unless they are pricing their tires to somehow benefit from the rubber prices…I just don’t see how their margins are sustainable.

KOOL reaffirms solid turnaround after branch out from cooling products to air sterilizer, ozone fumigator, hypochlorite maker for disinfection, wider segment coverage from household to corp.

SCN, via its subsidiary, seeks hemp plantation license, including CBD related, and looks for partners in contract farming, hoping to control both down and up stream, target Bt1,500m revenue p.a.

Comment: Oh jesus, another one. At what point can we start to call BS on these companies.

TM’s imported 60-70 Humasis Rapid Antigent Test Kit from Korea, boosting 3Q sales by Bt100m, firms on Bt650-700m sales this year.

Comment: Unless the news is wrong on the figure, that it should be ten’s of thousands as opposed to only 60-70, then one can argue for a profit bump in the 3Q.

UTP anticipates 2H turnaround as e-commerce and online shopping during pandemic boost demand for kraft paper for packaging, higher production capacity yoy and tailwind on holiday season fuel earnings, maintaining 270kt FY21 sales volume target.

Comment: Their numbers have continually positively surprised me for the past 3 years. Perhaps even the owners themselves whom have been selling the shares since it surprised 8 baht (now its 19).

    • Funnymentals.

      Small float, moves with the index, AM’s have to rebalance with it often. Plus retail/punters love the EV story. And now throw in a thai baht that is -10% for the year.

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