AH will invest Bt3.52bn to take 25% of Sakthi Global Auto Holdings Limited (SGAH). Funding will come from US$25mn in cash and US$75mn in loans from financial institutions. After the purchase, SGAH will undergo restructuring. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)
Comment: I hope that it won’t be a mess of an acquisition like the KPN purchase 10 years ago.

AMA expects growth of 50% in 2Q17 with 50% growth with 2017 as well. The company is in discussion over the bitumen and water chemical transportation business, which is expected to finalize in mid-year. The company is also negotiating three deals, one of which is expected to come to fruition this year . (Kao Hoo n 26/05/17)

APCO expects continued strength into 2Q17 on continued growth in sales. The company expects 2017 revenue to reach Bt500mn, +20% YoY, with net profit margin no lower than 85%. It is looking to expand its business into cosmetics with more details expected in 3Q17. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

BCPG is getting ready to do overseas roadshows with major clients expressing interest. The company targets no less than 20% growth YoY after wind power projects begin to contribute earnings in 2Q17. Its geothermal plant will contribute in 3Q17. BCPG will participate in SPP-VSPP bids; it expects to get 30MW. It will also add another 20MW from solar power. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

CHO is purchasing bidding documents from the BMTA to supply 489 NGV buses. The company expects to make a turnaround this year, targeting 5-10% revenue growth with three projects worth nearly Bt2bn expected to be signed. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)
Comment: They have been hurt by the lack of purchases/progress from the government in regards to the bus purchases that were postponed for the past 2 years.

CITY expects 2H17 performance to be strong supported by economic recovery and mega project investment by the government that will increase sales from new clients from the current 3,000 domestic clients. 2017 revenue is expected to grow 5-10%. (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)
Comment: The company is incredible cheap valuation wise but they’ve never gone out to try and capture more market share.
EA will see a healthy performance this year with full 90MW contribution in 2Q17 and 3Q17. (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)

EGCO to book revenue from Klong Luang power plant (102MW) after it starts up in June. 2Q17 earnings to be supported by high summer power demand and the first contribution from Salak and Darajan power plants. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

ERW to see 10% revenue growth this year with a strong 2Q17 showing. The company targets 80% occupancy rate and will invest Bt2.2bn to open nine new hotels both domestically and abroad. It does not expect the recent bombing to have a negative impact on tourist demand. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)
Comment: As long as the company loves to buy assets then it will not show the high ROIC’s/ROEs that both MINT and CENTEL have done in the past decade.

GLOBAL expects new branch openings to boost revenue and earnings. New promotions and sales will further stimulate consumer spending. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

GLOW is looking for a partner for its Asian expansion. It will submit a bid for a 30 MW solar farm in Malaysia and study a potential solar farm in Vietnam. The company will also participate in the bidding for community solar farms . (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

IFEC’s shareholders will submit papers to the Office of the Ombudsman, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce, and the Office of the Prime Minister to demand action after the SEC failed to resolve its problems. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)
Comment: It’s amusing, the issue here is with management and the board which has led to a shareholder fight, there is nothing that the office of the PM can do.

INTUCH announced the resignation of its CEO due to health issues. The board of directors announced Mr. Anek Pana-Apichon will be Acting CEO from July 1 onwards. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

KTC will implement the new IFRS9 accounting standards which is designed to strengthen financial institutions against downside risks. It is not expected to hurt earnings. The company aims to manage NPLs to around 1.35%. (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)

L&E expects a strong performance from backlog worth Bt100mn while clients in Vietnam and Myanmar continue to show healthy demand as the market expands and new bids are expected to open. (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)

MACO wants to acquire an ad business to expand market share, which will support earnings growth going forward from the current 2,200 billboards. 2Q17 will get back to growth after the initial period of mourning. Backlog reached 70% with digital ads growing strongly. It expects to see 30% revenue growth. (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)

NEWS’s board approved the splitting of par value from Bt5 to Bt1, increasing the number of shares to 42,540.5mn from 8,508.1mn with another special capital increase of 239,420.79mn shares as a rights offering of 157,300.57mn shares at a ratio of 1 existing share to 5 new shares for Bt0.13/share. The remaining 62,920.23mn shares will be reserved for conversion of NEWS-W6. The money will be used to pay off debt and for working capital. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)
Comment: Rather strange for a company that effectively does nothing.

THAI’s board said it has no confidence that NOK will resolve its problems in the long term even with more money. It is not taking its rights, reducing its holding. NOK’s CEO has yet to grant an interview with reporters. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)
Comment: Hmmm still believe its a lack of funding on THAI’s part. Then again NOK hasn’t exactly performed since its IPO especially when compared against AAV and BA

THANI expects to extend over Bt5bn loans in 2Q17 supported by high demand for commercial trucks. The company expects to extend loans of Bt20bn for the year. (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)

TISCO’s merger with SCBT is expected to finalize in September as planned, which will allow for expansion of mortgages and personal loans. (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)

TRT expects revenue growth of 25-30% with backlog of Bt2.25bn, of which Bt1.46bn will be recognized this year. The company will bid on another Bt10.3bn worth of projects, and expects to get 20-25% of its bids . (Thun Hoon 26/05/17)

41.8mn new shares from Sri Sawad Power 1979 will be traded today. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

VGI expects a promising 1QFY18 on an increase in advertising demand, as well as a 10% rise in advertising rates. Revenue is expected to reach target of Bt4bn. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

WHAUP share price went up 4.81%, its highest price since IPO at Bt27.25 supported by speculation over strong 2Q17 performance from contribution of Gulf VTP power plant. (Kao Hoon 26/05/17)

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