AAV to suspend all domestic flights from July 12-31, while BA cancelled 5 domestic routes from July 13-31.

Comment: Well that’s amusing….government has done a great job at killing demand (and local businesses)

AOT extends 50% cut in landing and parking for airlines until September.

BJC upbeats 2H earnings from health care division from strong demand for pharma & med supplies, tailwind from household products.

DIMET: THS Rubber Industry raised holding by 7.6628% to 24.9989% of total outstanding on Thursday.

Comment: Wonder what they’re going to shift to….

DUSIT debuts DusitD2 Naseem Resort, Jabal Akhdar in Oman, owned by Oman Tourism Development Co.,(OMRAN), executive arm of the Sultanate for tourism development).

Comment: Pre-wuflu, I had relatively high expectations for this player to expand their management business. But it still appears to be bogged down by the legacy infrastructure/systems.

HFT expects positive momentum continued 2H from strong motorbike tires sales for delivery riders, larger exports volume, wider margins from run-flat tires, higher utilization rates, higher THB revenue from weak currency.

IMH’s selected as a health center to administer Sinopharm vaccine to public under Chulaporn Royal Institution program, will open for booking next week, target 150k jabs within 3Q.

Comment: Wouldn’t mind some more transparency here…

ITEL’s 27.324m new shares from warrant exercise (ITEL-W2) 1:1 at Bt3/share tradable today.

PK: BBL cuts holding by 0.2496% to 24.977% of total outstanding on Thursday.

SYNEX maintained 10-15% FY21 revenue growth target supported by strong IT supply sales on the back of WFH, distance learning, IT infra expansion, expects higher sales yoy from improved online platform.

Comment: Naturally strong sentiment behind this name given the government’s latest rubbish.

TTCL: Sojitz Corp cuts holding by 0.2912% to 4.7142% of total outstanding on Thursday.

Comment: They’re slow to exit.

WHA targets FY21 land sales >412 acres, sees warehouse demand for e-commerce and logistic remained strong, will expand power business to diversify earnings.

XO reaffirms record high profit 2Q thanks to strong hemp sauce sales, will add more hemp-derived products in 2H.

Comment: I do wonder about the next 6 months for this company, I’ve loved them for the past few years but what is sustainable and what isn’t?

ACE, TPCH, SKE, ETE, UAC, CWT are among 95 qualified bidders for community power PPA, result out September 2.

Comment: List the winners by their relationships with the government/share placements to those related to the government.

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