AH sees strong 1Q on seasonal, firms on Bt31b record rev t/g this year, supported by 4% growth in domestic car production growth, OEM, and easing chip shortage.

Comment: Over time you have to look at AH as a steady 10% compounder, but with periods where they spike and then mean revert because at the end of the day its a manufacturing co.

BCP’s shareholders to vote on ESSO acquisition today, broker sees Bt10/share accretion, while expecting to pay Bt9.00-9.40 for ESSO.

Comment: When the news first came out, it pumped from 30 to 40, now its back to 30, are we going to see the same move?

BCPG secures 1st batch of loan from ADB for its 600MW largest windfarm in Asia in Laos, t/g COD in 2025.

GPSC secures 421MW in India, with 25yrs PPA, boosting capacity in India to 5,000MW, on track to meet 50% clean energy t/g by 2030.

IHL secures upholstery contract for Subaru Forester GT, with solid orders from latest BKK Motor Show.

Comment: Non-event, needs bigger plays.

JKN to sell 500m share RO from today till April 19 at Bt3.00, which is below Bt2.90 yesterday closing price.

Comment: And so…..not (yet) bankrupt?

RATCH will refinance 3 renewable PP inn Australia with the A$495m green loans.

Comment: Anyone else want to call bs on this green movement? Cheaper loans for projects that wouldn’t be viable without substantial government support.

RT signs Bt950m Klong Phlo Reservoir project in Rayong, with rev recognition from 2Q23, on track to reach Bt3b revenue target this year.

SPALI plans 3 horizontal projects in Nakornsawan, with 1st in Supalai Pride Nakornsawan securing Bt1b pre-sales.

TACC acquires Bloss Natura, a health and wellness biz from Korea, for Bt40m with immediate rev recognition.

Comment: Hmmm………..ok. A quick google search and you wouldn’t know/understand why they bought it.

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