2014 revenue target at Bt5.5bn. It says that if it has a profit this year, it is ready to pay out dividends. Although the company was affected by the shortage of palm in the first quarter, it expects to see growth driven by better cost control and inventory on hand. (Khao Hoon, 11/03/14)


BCP seeking new ventures – State-majority-owned refiner, Bangchak Petroleum Plc (BCP) is aggressively looking for new core businesses in addition to oil refinery and retail. Although Bangchak set a milestone of 50% earning before interest tax depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) from new businesses in 2020, mostly in renewable energy ventures, the company has yet to decide the new core stream of revenue. (Bangkok Post, 11/03/14)

Comment: Well as long as they can push investments through then anything is possible


CENTEL aims to set up a REIT worth Bt5bn. Management is confident that it can sell its assets into the fund by the end of this year. It also plans to take over a hotel in England and put 20 more hotels under its management. (Tun Hoon, 11/03/14)

Comment: The hotel management business is what has allowed this company to grow very well over the past few years, however its food business performance is rubbish!


Siam Global sees sales dip as pledging scheme bites – The SET-listed Siam Global House, a retailer of building materials and home improvement items, expects 2014 sales to grow by at least 20% – a modest projection compared with past years. “Usually the first quarter of the year is when sales of construction materials jump, but it’s not the case this year,” said Siam Global chief executive Witoon Suriyawanakul. (Bangkok Post, 11/03/14)

Comment: My analyst asked the best question “So….how can they still grow 20%”


IPO proceeds to be used to expand — MEGA says it will invest the rest of its IPO proceeds of more than Bt1.08bn to acquire new businesses or expand its factories’ capacities. 2014 revenue is expected to grow by 10%, with EBITDA margin at 12-13%. (Khao Hoon, 11/03/14)

Comment: The distribution infrastructure that they have set up in Myanmar is the most interesting part to this company.


UV studying setup of REIT. It targets revenue this year at Bt9.3bn driven by the growth in its real estate and zinc businesses. It also plans to expand its zinc business into AEC markets – starting in Indonesia. (Tun Hoon, 11/03/14)

Comment: Funny how this listed company has a real estate business AND a Zinc business, makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

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