AJA raised holding in trading co, Youtai, from 49% to 100%, aims to have full control and boost export traffic to China.

AOT reaffirms 3 expansion plans at Suvarnabhumi airport worth Bt56.9b, to spend 9 months on feasibility study.

Comment: When you begin flying around the country again, you’ll be surprised by the expansions done at effectively all the airports throughout the country.

GLOBAL expects windfall from surging demand for building material, living & DIY products for home renovation from flooding situation upcountry, eyes double digits SSSG in 4Q.

Comment: Amusing, same story every rainy/flood season in this country. Add in all the construction material players.

ICHI will wrap up 2 OEM drink manufacturing contracts in 4Q, expects sales recovery on reopening & holiday season, hemp drink on track to launch 1Q22.

Comment: Hemp 2.0 > Hemp 1.0

JWD’s subsidiary, JWD Health Connex (JHX), invests in Future Health Innovation Tech co., to support biopharmaceutical logistics business & healthcare supply chain solution.

KSL said rising rainfall currently would benefit output, boosting cane sugar output to 600K-700K ton/year from 528K ton previous year.

Comment: Ignore whatever this management team says, they’re rubbish.

TEAMG established JV with Maneuver Holding, Bay Computing, Cons Robotics to expand property tech, digital data management of real estate assets, building information modeling, advisory services on property development.

Comment: This industry is one ripe for an upgrade. If you’re a hotel developer – for example most hotels use 1 chiller that has to be switched on for all their units, imagine if they could be changed to be operated by sections of floors during low occupancy periods and save on the electricity costs. This can be applied to effectively every sector where humans live and operate.

  1. After all these years, I’ve finally taken the opportunity to cash out the Demco trade, managed to eek out a small 20% profit but caused some major headaches along the way.

    • HAHAHAHAHA, it’s been a beautiful pain in the backside. Though wouldn’t be surprised to see it spike on EV/electrification news….

      And that 20% return has beaten the SET over the same time frame.

      • Their performance hasn’t been backed by their hype, even after the HB provisions have past, they are still losing money or at best struggling to break even, their backlog hasn’t shown any signs of growth for the past 5 years.

        • The board and management team should just be fired, all operations stopped, business assets sold and live off the dividends of their past investments.

          shares would be worth far more.

          • They should try to find a buyer for their WEH shares and then use the funds to do a massive share buyback or pay a large dividend, their primary business is just treading water.

  2. I too was heavy into DEMCO in 2017. Also HYDRO and QTC. They are all swinging North but like Pon says maybe their day has passed.

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