AJA said EV bike sales to exceed 3K in 3Q, with price ranging Bt40-100K, mulls revising sale target to 6K for Bt240m and 30% margin, sees big growth in years to come.

Comment: Normally I’d say – love the story – but when i see a company like AJA getting into this….I just think…ah no…., if you’re wondering why…just look at every business AJA has announced they’re expanding into, what happens with the share price before and after the story etc etc…

BDMS teams up MINT to expand wellness tourism target cod 1 hotel in BKK in Nov, adding 1 in Phuket next year.

Comment: I do wish that BDMS would focus more on expanding mid tier hospitals throughout the country, but alas this is the luxury play and the target customer base typically always has cash.

BEM reported Sept MRT ridership +244% yoy, +7.5% mom to 340k trips/d ,account for 98% of pre-Covid level, tollway traffic +39% yoy to 1.09m trips/d.

Comment: And you thought you were going to WFH forever. HAH!

BRI reported 9M22 residential sales +23% yoy to Bt7.84b, account for 71% of Bt10.06b full year target, eyes Bt11b by end of year.

HMPRO’s adding 1 HomePro branch & 3 Megahome outlets by end of year, ramps up campaign to capture demand for home repairing & renovation post rainy season, mulls tapping in Vietnam next year.

MAKRO won’t be part of CPALL’s Bt37b acquisition of Metro in India, while CPALL may still acquire via its non-listed entity instead.

Comment: That’s because MAKRO doesn’t have the ability to stretch their B/S since the past RO missed their targets.

SC reported 9M22 residential sales +7% yoy to Bt17.182b, account for 78% of Bt22b full year target, maintain 11 launch plan, worth Bt20b by end of year, 3 condos total Bt5b kick-off transfer in 4Q.

SUSCO: major holder, Prayut Mahagitsiri, raised holding by 4.25% to 11.1591% of total outstanding on Oct 7.

Comment: Wow. I’ve noticed that he’s been buying back shares actively. But this past year he’s been very active.

PSL signed a long-term charter contract with S.KR bulk carrier, Intergis, under 12-15 mths term with variable rate at about US$21,100/d.

Comment: PSL is going to be $hitting cash (you don’t learn these terms in the CFA program) for the next 12-18 months

UAC sees solid growth in 3Q on commercial COD of L10/43 and L11/43 petroleum field in Sukhothai since Sept, adding Bt250m sale p.a. and revenue contribution from 30% stake in BBF.

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