AJD reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt126.59mn on higher sales at a subsidiary and implementing cost control. It expects 2016 revenue to grow 10-15% from last year backed by transfers. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
ASEFA expects 2016 revenue to grow 20% backed by mega projects with backlog of Bt1.8bn, of which 60% is expected to be booked this year. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
BJCHI posted 2Q16 revenue of Bt1.76bn with Bt191.71mn net profit. It expects 2016 revenue to grow 15% backed by backlog of Bt3.1bn. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
BRR expects to benefit from the good outlook for sugar. It expects 2H16 earnings to be good. It expects crop to amount to 2.5mn tons of sugar cane backed by efficient cultivation. It reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt41.5mn. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: Effectively every sugar company has the same story, I do wonder if we will see a consolidation phase 
CSS expects 2H16 earnings to be good backed by the telecom business. It expects 2016 revenue to reach Bt5bn or 10% growth as targeted. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.06/share, XD on Aug 23. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
FSMART expects 3Q16 revenue to grow 40% backed by expansion in Boon Term Top Up machines. It is talking to BBL, BAY, SCB, and KBANK in order to provide transfer service, expects to sign a contract with one bank at the end of this year. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: I do now wonder what is the next step for FSMART with their top up machines, how many additional services can they add to this channel?

GL expects 2016 net profit to reach Bt1bn backed by positive outlook in Cambodia and Laos. It expects its business in Indonesia to be good after receiving a good response. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: No surprises here, now for 2017, the growth #’s will obviously not be as great as 2016 and thus will this lofty valuation hold? It’s only trading at 54x 2016 earnings…
HPT reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt2.85mn, up 56%, backed by higher sales and high-margin orders. It expects 2H16 revenue to be good on a good outlook. It plans to increase its distribution channels both at home and abroad. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
IFEC plans to invest in 200-300MW power business abroad. It expects a decision to be made in September. Its 2Q16 net profit marked a record high of Bt562mn after it restructured Dhara Dhevi. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: Ahhh the magical ifec has been quiet with their news for the past few months and now they are back again with promises of massive growth and investments.
IHL plans to implement cost control in order to increase its gross margin from 19% in 2Q16. It expects a new product to support its performance in 2H16. Its board approved a stock dividend at a ratio of 6:1 with warrant at a ratio 4:1. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
ILINK expects 2016 revenue to grow 10% with net margin of 8%. Its backlog is Bt1bn and it plans to take part in upcoming bids. It expects to get a Bt2.3bn underwater cable project which is expected to put up for bid soon. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: The ITEL IPO should see them recognise some profits. On top of everything else that they have.
PS expects 2H16 presales to be good. It plans to launch 33-38 projects with a total value of Bt34bn. It expects this to push up 2016 presales to Bt51bn. It expects 2016 revenue to reach Bt53bn on transfers of backlog of Bt23.6bn while Bt76bn in projects are in the pipeline. It plans to become a holding company by November. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
PTG plans to open more 300 gas stations to bring its total to 1,500 stations at the end of this year. It also looking for investment opportunity related to its core business. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.1/share. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: A continuing growth machine for the next few years. 
PTT reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt24.87bn, up 5% due to lower loss on NGV and higher stock gain. This brought 1H16 net profit to Bt48.54bn. It has signed an MoU with six automakers to open stations to EVs. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
SEAFCO expects its performance to be a record high in 3Q16 backed by recognition of revenue of Bt900mn, especially from the dual track project (Jira-Khon Kaen) for which margin was 20%, far higher than its usual 12-13%. It plans to take part in Bt2bn bids of which 30% it expects to get. It also got Suvarnabhumi Phase 2 and a motorway. It expects 2016 revenue to reach Bt2bn. It will pay dividend of Bt0.11/share, XD on Aug 25. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: They’ve been winning everything left right and centre.
SUPER reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt59.65mn backed by power business. It is budgeting Bt1.25mn to invest in a 48.2MW solar farm unit. It plans to invest in more power business both at home and abroad. It targets to commence operations of 1,000MW by the end of this year. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
TACC’s board approved a dividend of Bt0.06/share after 1H16 net profit reached Bt51mn, up 30.93%. It expects 2016 revenue to grow not less than 15%. It launched Hello Kitty product in 7Eleven stores, which it expects to contribute at least Bt40mn in revenue. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
THAI reported 1H16 net profit of Bt3.07bn from 1H15 net loss of Bt8.21bn after it improved efficiency in every business. It expects 2H16 performance to be good backed by setting up a management system, higher revenue from code sharing, lower oil price and uptrend in tourism. It expects this to increase its cabin factor to 80%. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: Oh a loss? From that wonderful accounting profit in the 1Q16. Still think this name should @ single digits..at best.
TVD reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt18.47mn, up 61.3%YoY aided by lower COGS and SG&A. It revised up 2016 sales to Bt3.68bn from Bt3.21bn. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: There’s a lot going on at this company with the Taiwanese (Momo) and the Japanese as shareholders.
WHA targets to expand leasable area by 250K sqm. It expects sellable area to achieve its target. It expects HREIT, valued at Bt8.69mn to trade in 4Q16. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
WORK reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt133.89mn (+17%) with Bt801.7mn of revenue (+18%). WorkPoint channel contributed revenue of Bt702.9mn (+60%). This brought 6M16 net profit to Bt162.62mn, up 111%. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
  1. IFEC. I suspect substantial promotional fluff! Out-of-date solar panels must be replaced. Earnings are somewhat fabricated and are not sustainable on an operating basis without massive government subsidies. Beware of unk unk surprises, me thinks

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