ALL reported Bt263.67m default on debt payment with KKP.

Comment: It’s a dead man walking, should be bankrupt.

BDMS targets 6-8% full year revenue growth driven by higher fly-in patients from Middle-East, CLMV and China, target 2H OCC above 67% from 62% in 1H on seasonal, broader segment coverage from health insurance & SSO.

EA sees battery production output reach 10GW by end of FY25 following 6GW capacity expansion with EVE & Sunwoda, upbeat outlook from lower cost/unit, wholesales opportunity for EV manufacturers in Thailand.

Comment: What have they actually done? S they don’t have any IP or capabilities and need to partner with people.

EKH sees qtd OCC of IPD patients exceeded 80% as abrupt changed in weather boost traffic, IVF clients fed by agencies to accelerate growth, expects to wrap 1-2 M&A by mid-3Q.

Comment: The IVF industry in Thailand is growing at a ridiculous rate.

GRAMMY: board approved listing of music unit, GMM Music, mulls selling IPO up to 30% of paid-up on SET.

Comment: Cash grab, as it’ll go to 0? I’m joking of course…as there will be some residual value in GMM Music for the domestic market, but nothing further than that…

PTTEP sees 2H oil price recovery on demand subpply mismatched, expects price move within US$70-80/bbl range, gas price at US$5.8-6/mmbtu, sales volume at 470k bblpd.

Comment: Perhaps one of the few E&P players that have a conservative outlook on oil prices, over the next 12 months I think it’s between 80-100, though north of 90 may not happen until 2024.

SPA firms on Bt1.1b full year revenue target driven by higher utilization rate yoy, contribution from spa operating in hospitality business, mulls adding 3 branches in 2H, lifting total to 73 outlets by end of year.

Comment: At one point it’ll be considered an attractive stock again…share price seems to be pricing in rosy skies. Though as a recent user of their branches, despite the higher price compared to my favourite THB 300 1 hour leg messages, the peace and quiet + cleanliness of the branches is what you’re paying for.

SYNEX appointed by Nintendo to be gaming distributor of Nintendo Switch in Thailand, target Bt700m sales by end of year, seeks to branch out from consumer PC to PC gaming hardware to capture growth from entertainment market, broaden segment coverage, wider margin.

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