ALT upbeats future earnings after branching out from telcos network infra business to traffic management software, sees increasing demand for automatic number plate recognition for parking-lot & traffic monitoring, eyes 500 licenses sold by end of 1H21.

AUCT anticipates solid 4Q after raised entry fee on vehicles enter the auction from Bt8k to 9k/unit, improved traffic from repossessed vehicle after debt freeze ended.

Comment: A license to print $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and AUCT is the largest player in the market.

BAM is most likely to be added to SET50 for 1H21, while yet to be listed SCGP to be fast-tracked into SET50 once listed at the expense of TCAP, Tabloid.

BBL sees capital funds rising to 18% by end of from current 17.5%, more than sufficient to absorb rising NPLs and expand business.

BOL’s top holder, Keppel, purged entire holding 24% to CTOS Holding Sdn Bhd (20%) and Chairman Min Intanate (4%) total Bt827.6m, transaction to complete within 4Q.

Comment: CTOS is a Malaysian credit bureau service, effectively the same business model as BOL, which is backed by a PE firm, Creador, which is planning to IPO CTOS in the KL stock market.

JMART expects demand for mobile replacement grows from good price point of iPhone 12 & 12Pro, tailwind from shopping tax break, 5G adoption, plus contribution from debt collection service and consumer credits, JMT & SINGER.

Comment: 5G + debt collection + CBL’s + KB

NYT expects turnaround 1Q21 from improved traffic at roll on-roll off pier on surging demand for vehicles exports for Great Wall Motors following acquisition of Chevrolet plant from GM.

Comment: What matters the most for NYT is that automotive sales regionally pick up.

RBF sees stronger 2H20, after hitting bottom in 2Q, on general recovery in business, boosted by government’s stimulus and rising oversea demand, keeps 10-12% revenue growth target this year with 40% GPM.\

SO: Siam Rajathanee, employment agency & outsource services, offering HR, corporate car rent, document management, housekeeping & landscape management services, debut IPO 85m shares at Bt 6.5 apiece.

Comment: Not quite the first day push that we have recently been accustomed to.

TK sees improving re-payment from HP clients aft launched mobile app, TK Plus, maintaining stringent approach on credit approval to curb NPL, expects used car market pick up last 2 months as price dip before entering FY21.

WHAUP to wrap up M&A 2-3 Vietnam solar farm total 50mw before end of year, mulls to investment community waste powerplants, target 10% revenue growth next year.

  1. My holding in BOL has slumped. I thought it was the demonstrations but it is clearly related to stock sales by Keppel. Now I don’t know how to play this one. Any suggestions.

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