AMATA anticipates 2H earnings recovery HoH from improved recurring income and utility sales from IE as activities increase posted reopen, upbeats L-T outlook from increasing production base relocation and diversify land portfolio across CLMV.

Comment: They wish that they were as clever/aggressive as WHA to expand into recurring income businesses

CHAYO estimate asset management subsidiary, Chayo JV, to expand downstream from debt management & collection services business to auction & selling.

Comment: From my understanding this is still someway from being completed.

EPG expects demand for containers & packaging remained strong thru 1Q21 from domestic tourism stimulus, recovery demand for auto parts on improving market.

KIAT anticipates healthy margins 3Q from lower oil price yoy at US$40/bbl vs US$60 last year where oil account for 50% of total operating costs, expects strong associate income from rail transport subsidiary, KT Train, after secured salt transport contract for VNT.

POST: CEO, Suthikiati Chirathivat, to provide financial assistance for Bangkok Post up to Bt400m.Comment: He’s a kind man. 

SAMART expand cyber security software business, sees demand for ransomware protection from both public & private sectors, will launch mobile security software in December, Bt30/month.

Comment: I wonder if SAMART helped to create those Twitter IO’s for the thai gov…

SAWAD recovered notification from Government Saving Bank to jointly expand non-bank lending business due to its expertise in car title loans, consumer credits and large market coverage, expects synergy and benefits from GSB client base, Tabloid.

Comment: I don’t see this really occurring….

SEAFCO reaffirms solid 4Q from Bt2.5b backlog pending to transfer, target to win additional project sat least 30% of Bt5b current bidding.

SO is courting MINT, offering outsourcing service, hoping to conclude deal early next year.

Comment: This is amusing “We hope to win a new client, and we are letting you all know that we are trying to close them” 

TVO-NRF-CPALL are expected to benefit from upcoming vegetarian fest October 16-25, Tabloid.

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