AMA sees wider margins from marine transports as oil price dip, will add oil/chemical trucks to expand onshore revenue, firms on 15% revenue growth target.

Comment: These shares have been in the news given the price movement this week

ANAN expects big jump 2H supported by Bt34.9b backlog and completion of 6 condos projects worth Bt24b.

Comment: Despite them effectively hitting every target (excl a hiccup from ashton asoke which in the end was resolved) the entire real estate sector in Thailand has been hit, hence why their shares are at 4-5x pe

AUCT sees record high profit this year from larger number of seized vehicles in auctions at 6k units/month vs 4-5k units average last year.

Comment: Great business model here, always liked it and it’s share price appears to be back to a normal valuation again

MTC mulls motorbike leasing business, targeting 2m client bases, firms on Bt100b loan ports this year and <2% NPLs, plans HK & Spore roadshows with Bualuang and MS.

CPF appoints Prasit Boondoungprasert as CEO, effective Jul 1, sees 25% growth in Butcher Sausage sales and a leader in premium segment.

CPALL, MINT, HMPRO, ZEN, AU to benefit from new stimulus to boost domestic consumption, UTP, COL from 2 years tax waiver for online e-commerce business, STEC, TASCO, TOA, BGRIM from strong THB, from Tabloid

Comment: These tabloids are active in promoting names, how is it that none of these papers have been hit by insider trading?

GFPT anticipates wider margins as feed mill price drops on retreat corn price, upbeat poultry exports volume from healthy demand from China, expects contribution from exports sales reach 28-30% this year.

Comment: And Chicken prices seem to have spiked again

SF upbeats 2Q earnings from higher rental revenue yoy supported by 5% rental rate hike and contribution from Market Place Nang Lynchee mall, additional 10k sqm from Market Place Dusit, Market Place Sukapiban 3 and Mega Bangna phase 2 to boost 2H earnings, target full year OCC at 97-98% from current 92% by end of year.

Comment: It’s a staircase model and given their high base they can’t jump like they used to (like in the mid 00s)

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