AMATA keeps 10% land sales growth target, after having sold 50-60rais.

Comment: Absolute rubbish. Then again 2019 was disappointing, as was every year since the share price ran because of the EEC

AMATAV sees no impact from covid-19, maintaining Bt1.5b revenue target from contribution from IEs in Vietnam in 2H20.

Comment: See above

DOD reaffirms solid 1Q from strong sales of hand sanitizer gel and alcohol spray, to up capacity from 200k bpd, target full year earnings >Bt251m in FY19.

DRT announced share buy back up to 94m shares or 9.92% of paid-up under Bt517m budget from April 20 until May 8.

Comment: Another sharebuyback! The difference between SE Asia (which is what I follow) and the US (which is what everyone looks at) is that generally speaking, the companies here are owned by the families whom founded the businesses and not run by executives. And thus they view sharebuybacks differently, owners typically will buy when they believe their shares are cheap, executives generally – a form of capital management and one of their KPIs in their employment packages is typically linked to the performance of share prices…

IVL target to recycle up to 50b PER bottles/year within 5-year, sets $1.5b capex for recycling business.

Comment: The difficult period for IVL has truly arrived, watch the industry and the spreads, perhaps in 12 months it’ll be time to buy…usual cycle.

GPI postpones BKK Motorshow event from April 20 – May 3 to May 18.

Comment: No surprise. Auto’s may have their time towards year end…i.e. for YoY improvements…but a lot depends upon companies/individuals ability to spend.

PTTEP postponed auction for O&G EP in Gulf of TH from April until further noticed as oil price slump & absence of foreign participants.

PLANET teams up Cisco to expand Webex market to government agencies and private sector on rising demand for work from home.

Comment: Government doesn’t understand budgets and may spend on this, private sector isn’t stupid will use Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts

THAI cuts 22k flights from Jan-Oct, temporary shutdown 33 stations abroad to curb costs, combined some routes with LCC unit, Thai Smile.

Comment: Isn’t it odd that no one is talking about Thai going bankrupt? Look at their D/E, ZERO cashflow at the moment. 

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ THAI: i think that’s because it would be a matter of national pride/losing face. for the same reason i guess that THAI would never be allowed to merge with any other airlines in the region even if that may make sense economically…

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