AP keeps Bt40.55b transfer target this year, +25%, and pre-sales at Bt33.5b, but will adjust business plan and forecast in April.

Comment: That’s a ballsy target, I wonder what the sacrifice in margins will be

AWC shuts down 5 hotels in BKK, Marriot, Le meridian, Okura & Hilton, from March 26 – April 15.

Comment: Might as well given there are zero tourists

BAM firms on plan to open auction for 440 acres NPA land, Muang Ake Golf club, opening price at Bt900m, will launch NPA promo campaign in April-May to boost sales.

Comment: 900mn for 440acres? Something must be wrong with this news item as it is far too cheap

GLOBAL said March sales will be badly hurt after shutting down 39 branches due to covid-19, have adjusted promotion to boost online sales.

SABINA branches out from underwear to add face mask, adds production line to fill demand from outbreak.

Comment: There are many things I could say regarding this, but I shall refrain as I have (slightly) matured 

SPCG board approves share buy back, Bt250m for 14.02m share between April 7 – September 30.

Comment: Another sharebuyback!

TACC announced buy back up to 18m shares or 3% of paid-up under Bt50m budgets from April 8 till October 7,20.

THAI suspended all European flights from April 1 – May 31 and Spore flights from March 25 – May 31, launched leave without pay program from March 26.

Comment: Now the boys in green will take it seriously (“What we can’t fly to Singapore or Switzerland to hide our money?!?!”) 

TSE upbeats 1H earnings from surged demand for power for work from home measures & air con usage during summer season, will finalize M&A additional solar projects in April, Bt500m free cash flows to fin, maintaining 50% revenue growth target this year.

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