AMATA to build its 2nd TH-Chinese IE in Rayong, valued at Bt2b, to serve mainland investors and support EV and battery manufacturing pjs.

Comment: Sigh….I just hate that this is the direction the country is taking. But hats off to Amata, they’ve been able to capture the Japanese and now the Chinese manufacturing co’s expanding into Thailand.

BA mulls adding 3 new routes from Samui to HK, Chengdu & Chongqing in 3Q, maintain Bt15b FY revenue target.

Comment: A friend had a great comment this past week, if Thailand is serious about getting rid of the rent-seeking/concession driven businesses in the country, the government should enlist a team of “Financial Gangsters” and give them 15 years, because (1) they know where the bodies are buried for all the companies, and (2) The systems are very entrenched in businesses today that it would take that long to unwind and free up the country’s economic system. BA’s control of Samui’s Airport is one perfect example of this..

BTS sees average daily ridership via yellow line monorail (Lad Prao-Sam Rong) at 75k trips/d during first 2 days of trial run, expects to cod full scale 23 stations by end of June.

Comment: If you have a look at the map of the transit system in Bangkok, it rivals HK, Singapore and London, and IMO is of fantastic quality and comfortably on par with the aforementioned 3.

KBANK raised lending rates by 20bps & deposit rates by 5-25bps , MLR & MRR will be 7.02% & 7.05% aft increase, effective today.

Comment: Hahahaha and you believed them when they said they wouldn’t increase lending rates?

MEGA sees growth in 2Q, mulls 25 new products this year, sets Bt2.4-2.5b FY24 revenue target.

TACC upbeats 2Q earnings from robust press beverage sales & contribution from All Café @ 7-11 on tourism boom & summer season, adding more non coffee menu in 2H, expand non-7-11 revenue via recently acquired Blush Beauty (TH), maintain 10% FY revenue growth target.

THAI mulls buying 30 new widebody jets as tourists return and looks to rebound from the pandemic.

Comment: Bankruptcy has been great for THAI.

TPCH mulls 500MW in wind and solar pjs overseas, firms on growth from Bt2.7b rev last year, after COD of 3MW MaeLan community Powerplant, eyes 1-2 PPA contracts.

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