AMATA: KSAM cuts holding by 0.0807% to 4.987% of total outstanding on Monday (Aug 31), SEC filing.

BGRIM to work with AMATA in developing smart-city concept in every projects, hoping to boost power productions, including Amata Smart City in Myanmar.

CPALL maintained 700 branches expansion target this year, will sell Bt25b CD to refinance and expand 7-11 domestic/oversea.

Comment: And what about the Tesco financing? I have massive question marks over this…..but yes the network effect of 7-11 is going to be ridiculously strong in the next decade. 

FPI scraps 20% FY20 revenue growth target as lockdown bites earnings, sees 2H turnaround from recovery auto parts order and improved operation from subsidiary in India, will book Bt29m gains from divest 33.37% holding in 7.5mw biomass power (SAFE) in 4Q, shifts focus to solar.

ICHI sees strong 2H on new products Sept-Oct, online sales growth, cost control and business alliances to boost sales, targeting 5% sales growth and >Bt500m NP this year.

Comment: Not impressed by the taste of the new products, but the market appears to be there. 

RCI: DCC raised holding by 6.9888% to 91.8702% of total outstanding on Monday (Aug 31), SEC filing.

TRIS rating upgraded SINGER outlook to “Stable” from “Negative” on strong capital and earnings. Its 3Q is expected to grow 100%, NPLs to 6.5% from 12.2%, while being added to FTSE SET Micro Cap Index September 18.

Comment: Waiting for the day when SINGER’s car 4 cash business takes off and people value it like SAWAD & MTC when their car 4 cash business kicks off.

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