CRC scales back European malls expansion as pandemic dampen purchasing power, mulls investing in IT & online business to align with new normal.

Comment: Without tourism from Asia the malls they have in Europe will be quiet….for Thailand ~20% comes from direct tourism spending.

GULF to wrap up 3 hydro powerplants deal in Laos with 2,000-3,000MW capacity by end of year, sets Bt150-170b revenue target by 2027 from Bt37b projected this year.

Comment: Where is their magical capital coming from?

ILINK signed 115kv transmission development projects for Nan province with Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) worth Bt122m.

Comment: And they are still executing their share buybacks.

NER sees 25% revenue growth this year on rising orders from China, boosting capacity at new plant up by 80%.

STA upbeats 3Q earnings from firmer rubber price from recovery demand from reopening of trading partners, tailwind from 56% holding in rubber glove subsidiary, STGT.

TFG estimated retail subsidiary, Thai Foods Fresh Market, to expand distribution channel for poultry/swine, processed foods & ready meal products.

Comment: Going down the CP route.

SYNEX, COM7, SPVI, SIS, JMART, IT, are all to benefit from iPhone 5G launches in October.

Comment: Anddddd everyone other 5G phone launch.

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