BA add 1 daily flight each to 3 routes (Bkk-Chiang Mai, Bkk-Phuket, Bkk-Lampang) from Sept 1.

BAM’s earnings have bottomed out in 2Q, with Bt1.16b Net profit expected for 3Q, +32%, excluding Bt2-3b DTA, Tabloid.

CGD to launch 2 hotels, Capella Bangkok and Four Season at Chao Phraya river, in Oct and Nov, Bt12b backlog from Four Season Private Residence kick-off transfer in 2H.

Comment: The 4 Season’s at the chao phraya has been on sale for …. 5 years? 6? 7? 

EP board approved plan to build 4 windfarms in Vietnam with 160MW worth Bt7.04b, expected COD Oct 21, with 20-25% EIRR, with plan to sell 552.94m share via RO, PO, and PP.

GUNKUL sees solid rebound in 2H, on revenue recognitions from solar farms in Vietnam and Malaysia, boosting revenue up more than Bt7.5b this year, eyes bidding for 150MW powerplants in Myanmar.

INSET sees positive earnings momentum into 2H from strong demand for integrated ICT infra solutions, 3 business units including cloud solution, internet access and co-location on an uptrend as operators heavily invested on network infra for remote access, will divest assets total Bt4.8b to IFF in 4Q20, book gains 1Q21.

KBANK board approves plan to sell its repurchased share during Aug 31 – Sept 16, total 23.93m share or 1% of paid up with average cost at Bt134/share, vs Bt84.25, but with option to delay share sales.

Comment: So they’ve only lost nearly -40% of the share repurchase. 

PR9: BBLAM cuts holding by 0.0381% to 4.9832% of total outstanding last Thursday (Aug 27), SEC filing.

PRM mulls selling aging vessels in 3Q, expecting gains from recovery freight rate environment, improved steel price.

Comment: If this is industry wide, it’s going to be great for shipping rates in the future.

TQM teams up FSMART to sell insurance via top-up machines, to expand sales upcountry without adding branches and agents.

TU and Red Lobster’s management agreed to buy remaining equity stake in Red Lobster Seafood from Golden Gate Capital, while details and financial terms were not disclosed.

Comment: Well let’s see, TU hasn’t been able to execute anything outside of fishing. The group of new shareholders include for the former CEO of MINT’s food business and the owner of MK Suki.

  1. That’s a terrible move, Red Lobster will be losing money hand over fist right now. I predict this acquisition will be TU’s equivalent of SSI(UK) sinking the ship.

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