ESSO sets Bt1.2-1.5b capex to boost total petrol stations to 700 next year, and to improve efficiency at its refineries.

Comment: That’s interesting, normally this company is fairly/slow quiet in terms of petrol station expansion. With PTTOR IPO’ing its could potentially be a blood bath in the industry in terms of declining ROIC’s per new station. 

KBANK issues $500m perp bond, offering 5.275% to foreign institution to boost Tier 1.

Comment: Another cap raise by a Thai Bank. 

SIRI’s 9M20 transfers reached Bt34.7b, +122% yoy and account for 83% of Bt42b transfer target this year. To transfer 4 more condo projects in 4Q.

Comment: You lie!

TMT may report Bt150m 3Q net profit, +465%, best in 3-years, on higher steel price, Tabloid.

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