Airports of Thailand (AoT) has put the brakes on a second terminal scheduled to be built at Suvarnabhumi airport, pending steps to glean opinions from relevant parties including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). (Kao Hoon,
Comment: And so will AOT decline back down to the price level where it was pre this expansion announcement? 
ASP says brokerages competing on fees pressured performance. It expects earnings to come in close to last year, backed by Bt100mn extra gain from overseas investment. It is investing in an Israel startup. It expects the SET index to reach 1,790 next year boosted by Commerce and Industrial Estates. (Than Hoon,
BGRIM says funds in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore are interested in buy its shares because of its solidity and growth. The 31MW solar farm at a government office began commercial operations. It plans to set up power plants in Vietnam and Laos next year, adding to its electricity production capacity. (Than Hon.,
Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) accepted GPSC’s appeal to acquire GLOW. It assigned the Appeals Subcommittee to investigate. The conclusion is expected in 30 days (Kao Hoon,
Comment: So watch the share prices for the insider trading.
ITEL will send its 2019 business plan to the board. It targets revenue growth of 30-40% next year. It is talking about a big project with a customer and the conclusion will be known next week. If it gets the job, backlog will be a record high at Bt5bn. (Than Hoon,
SGP expects revenue to be a record high at Bt65bn this year with sales volume of 3.5mn tons, driven by high demand for LPG and sales from abroad. It expects revenue and sales volume to grow 8-10% next year. It has many investment plans next year. (Kao Hoon,
S expects revenue of Bt20bn next year, jumping from expected revenue of Bt3bn this year. Its significant growth will be supported by transfers of four property projects with total value of Bt10bn next year. It has budgeted Bt86bn for investment over five years. (Kao Hoon,
Comment: There’s a ridiculous amount of projects that S is embarking upon. This jump in revenue comes from the condo transfer’s it has on hand
SQ expects an earnings turnaround in 4Q18, boosted by startup of Mae Moh 8 project. Mae Moh mine and Hong Sa mine are back to running at full capacity after the end of the rainy season. Current backlog is Bt34bn. (Kao Hoon,
Comment: And that the mines that stopped working will start again.
TNP is drafting next year’s business plan to send to the board in December. It expects sales to reach its growth target of 10-15% this year. It continues to expand its stores and plans to have 24 stores at the end of this year. 4Q18 is its high season, leading it to expect revenue to be outstanding. (Than Hon.,
TOG targets revenue growth of 8-10% next year driven by a rise in exports. It is dealing with a US company. The conclusion will be known in 2Q19. It has budgeted 60mn to renovate its internal systems and machinery, which will increase production capacity by 25-30%. (Than Hoon,
TPIPL expects an uptrend in cement demand, boosted by government infrastructure projects such as railways, roads and airports. It reported 3Q18 earnings of Bt477mn, up 200%YoY. (Than Hoon,
Comment: And the fact that TPIPP is doing a ok

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