AOT wants airlines at BKK’s Don Mueang International Airport to switch to wide-body aircraft in a bid to ease congestion at the LLC hub, expects Cabinet approval for Bt38-40b Don Mueang 3rd phase expansion to cater for 60m, as it would reach peak capacity by 2020.

Comment: In 5 years, I’ll bet that Chinese tourists are comfortably +50% from today.

CK’s hoping to sign all these by end of year, high-speed train linking 3 airports, Rama 3-Daokanong-Outter ring road, Chula Hospital booting backlog this year to Bt100b from current Bt39b.

GULF reaffirms strong financial position, have credit lines with KTB, but never used them, while KTB said the same.

RJH’s firm on >10% revenue growth after adding IPD beds, kidney dialysis and premium chemo center, sets Bt900m capex for 2 new hospitals to COD in 2021.

Comment: A solid mid-size hospital player

  1. Any indication as to why Gulf and friends felt it necessary to reaffirm its strong financial position, i.e., why did the question arise in the first place?

    • I can only guess its because they are going to be investing in several projects and there is a question on their ability to finance all of these investments.

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