AOT mulls investing Bt3b in monorail projects connecting DMK airport to BTS greenline to help flows of passenger traffic and reduce traffic congestion.

Comment: Well it makes sense common sense. However the risk I see is that several travelers to Thailand already skip Bangkok and go direct to their holiday destinations.

BCP to sell Bt10b perpetual bonds to fund expansion, KKP Phatra, SCB, BBL, KBANK, KTB arranging bond sale.

COL maintain 6-7% full year sales target, upbeat prospect from e-commerce as corps and SME shift office supplies procurement to online channel.

Comment: They’ve flopped on e-commerce.

CWT firms on record high profit this year on full year contribution of 13MW PP, boosting revenue to Bt2.4b, to wrap up investment in 2 waste PP 16MW by end of year.

DTC to open 1st standalone fine dining in BKK, comprise of 3 restaurants, Benjarong, Thien Dong and Dusit Gourmet & Garden bar tomorrow.

Comment: Watch them turn into another CENTEL/MINT over the coming years, i.e. a combination of assets, management contracts and f&b businesses

GGC begins construction of Bt7.5b bio-complex projects phase 1 from October, target cod 1Q21, will expand bioplastic phase 2 in FY22.

INGRS will book Bt3.7b revenue for 7 years from auto parts OEM order starts from January 22

JAS’s CEO, Pete Bodharamik, tenders his resignation from director and executive positions after found guilty of insider trading JTS share and was ordered reimbursement of Bt59.1m and barred from holding executive position in listed co.

Comment: Boom another crook, as if this one was really a surprise…

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