AP sees mmtum into 2Q frm real dmnd after 25% jump in 1Q presales to Bt41.8b.

Comment: If 2Q #’s for the sector aren’t shit, then watch the sector re-rate positively, if they are then just look at LPN’s share price

ASAP upbeats 2Q erngs frm surging car rental rev frm travelling dmd during long Thai new yr holiday.

Comment: Well the share price was overvalued a year ago, it still is…

BBL sees solid 2Q frm infra invsmnt after new govt sworn in, sets 5% loan grwth t/g and 3.5% cap for NPLs.

Comment: It’s a sad investment world we live in when BBL is the best bank

CKP in talks to invst in 1,000-1,500MW hydro PP in Laos, exptd to be finanlized by eoy, firms on 8-10% rev grwth t/g this yr.

JWD teams up KR prtnr, CJ Logistics to expnd ntwrk and tap in e-commerce & supply chain segment, in talk jv Phil prtnr to expnd abroad, finalize deal 2H.

Comment: I love the story here. Now the question is just on the valuation

GOLD plans 6 Neo-Home pj worth Bt7b, sets Bt5.9b presales and Bt3.6b transfer t/g this yr, after Bt1.198b transferred in 1Q.

GUNKUL’s firm on Bt10b rev t/g this yr on rising recognitions of PP, confident of winning 20% of Bt20b it had participated in bidding this yr.

PTT & GULF win 2 ports mgt cntrct for Laemchabang deep-sea port phase 3 in EEC.

Comment: I have been smacked in the face many a time with GULF.

SISB said rising students admission and fees had boosted 1Q result, on track to grow 15-20% with plan to expand Thonbury campus.

Comment: Again a license to print to money. Parents just don’t have a choice…

TQM branches out frm insurance broker to finance broker, debuts oper in May, t/g 14% sales grwth above Bt12.6b.

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