AAV adds new route to Sihanoukville beach town in Cambodia, 4 weekly flights on route from July 1.

Comment: Gotta love Airasia they really are everywhere and as a customer I love it. Has anyone else noticed how strong they are selling ad space on their planes? In the cabins? How they are selling food and snacks from other vendors such as After You?

ASIAN in talk to buy pet food business in China, to wrap up within 1H, maintain 11% full year revenue growth target above Bt10.7b, GPM 10-12%.

DDD will launch skin care products under Snail White brand and Prettii Face 4-8 items in 2Q, in talk partner to distribute prod abroad, will wrap up 1 deal 2H.

Comment: There are fears that things will not be as pretty as they used to be at DDD

III’s appointed by US-Bangla Airlines to be sales & services agent cargo in Thailand.

KKP target 9% business loan growth, capitalized on real estate business and Financial Solution.

Comment: What? Really? What financial magic is this?

MAJOR may report Bt206m NP 1Q19, +18% yoy, with momentum into 2Q from Avenger Endgame, Tabloid.

Comment: Great numbers, great divvy, it was a great trade, from here? Well it’s undervalued and with the latest Avenger out in the theaters their numbers are going to be great, but post it…hmmm..

MVP upsize exhibition area of Thai Mobile Expo (May 30 -Jun 02) by 6k sq.m frm 20k sq.m previous event, reaffirms big jump 2Q.

Comment: Wow, I wonder which exhibitor firm they are taking this market share away from.

ORI recorded Bt5.6b 1Q presales from sale campaign, plans 3 projects in 2Q worth Bt5.4b.

ROBINS sets Bt10m for “Robinson Back to School” campaign from Apr 22 – May 15, hoping for 10% sales growth.

SISB to move from MAI to SET from today.

Comment: A license to print money is a great model

THAI to seal deal to sell 8 A340 by this wk, booking Bt4b in 2Q, while AGM on Apr 26 to consider plan to wipe off Bt28b retained loss.

SKE to cod 9.9mw Mae Krating biomass power plants (MKP) in June.

SINGER sees 1Q turnaround from strong air con sales and absence of extra LLP on hire purchase unit, eyes 15% revenue growth target.

Comment: All of JMART Group are angling for turnarounds this year

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