AOT: British Airways extend direct flights suspension of BKK-Heathrow route from Oct22 till Mar 23; THAI & EVA are 2 carriers offering direct flights service.

Comment: # of planes in the air need to ramp up faster for a quicker recovery. Regardless, visitor numbers are going to reach 1 mn this month.

BAM: to wrap up distressed assets management venture with TTB by mid-Aug, target debt size within Bt 6b-10b range.

Comment: And then the rest of the players in the industry can finally get in.

BDMS: opened BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat at Celes beach resort Samui owned by the Prasarttong-Osoth family, major holder in BDMS, aims to diversify earnings from hospital to preventive medicines.

HFT: anticipates 2H turnaround from domestic px hike on motorbike tire by 4-7% in 3Q, 20% additional capacity from new production line, upside from weak THB as 75-79% of total rev derived from exports, maintaining 10-15% full year revenue growth target, bottom line +6% yoy.

NBTC to conclude TRUE x DTAC merger validation on Aug 3.

Comment: That noise last week was truly amazing. Great trading opp. I’ll maybe do a random thought on it later…

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