APCO is going to move to the SET in 2Q18. It targets 2018 revenue growth of 15-20% with a net margin of 28-30%. It plans to expand to Asia and U.S. markets. It is going to launch new products and new promotional campaigns and also expand its online channel. (Thun Hoon, 12/03/18)

BAFS projects 2018 revenue to grow by 4% backed by rising numbers of tourists in Thailand and no problems with the zero-dollar tours clampdown. It has budgeted Bt5bn to build substation and expand its refueling system. (Khao Hoon, 12/03/18)
Comment: And should the AOT finally expand their airports in Bangkok , this could be pricing in all the potential future growth, or is it at these levels?

BIG plans to gain full potential from the printing market with a plan to open at least four outlets this year. It is also going to add new product lines in every Big Camera store and believes 2018 revenue will grow by 10-15%. (Thun Hoon, 12/03/18)

CMAN issues 240mn IPO shares at a price of Bt3.84/share. Subscriptions will be held on March 14-16 and it will trade on the SET on March 21. It plans to use the funds for business expansion, debt repayment and as working capital. (Khao Hoon, 12/03/18)
Comment: Small company, small float, hard to go wrong if you can get shares. It’s a commodity based business though. Limestone. And they are expanding capacity but given the notorious oversupply of Cement in the region will there be enough customers to take up this new supply of Limestone?

FTE says revenue and earnings will make another new high in 2018. It targets 2018 revenue to grow by 20% and reach Bt1.15bn. It currently has backlog of Bt380mn, of which 70% will be booked as revenue this year. It is going to bid for new projects worth Bt700mn, of which it expects to receive 70%. (Khao Hoon, 12/03/18)

JUBILE believes 1Q18 results will show positive growth backed by economic recovery, higher consumer purchasing power and its promotional campaigns to boost sales. It targets 2018 revenue to grow by at least 10% and has budgeted Bt150mn to add Jubilee Diamond and Forever Mark outlets. (Khao Hoon, 12/03/18)
Comment : if they are selling then the women are back to spending on non essential items

MTLS reports loan growth of 40% in the first two months of 2018 and believes 2018 loans will reach Bt80bn. It plans to maintain NPLs at no more than 1.5%. It will change its name to Muangthai Capital (MTC) in order to better project its true business rather than simply being a leasing business. (Khao Hoon, 12/03/18)
Comment : I do wonder how they continue to maintain the lowest NPL in the sector, country, region, world (?)

ORI opened online booking for three new Knightsbridge projects and has sold out these projects, generating presales of Bt1.5bn and lifting 1Q18 presales above target of Bt5bn. It currently has backlog of Bt27-28bn, of which 80% will be booked as revenue this year. (Thun Hoon, 12/03/18)

TTA expects 2018 revenue to reach Bt16-17bn backed by the addition of two ships to its fleet and expansion of its other businesses. It currently has backlog of US$148mn, of which 80% will be booked as revenue this year. It has budgeted Bt1-1.5bn to buy new ships and expand its food business. (Khao Hoon, 12/03/18)
Comment : Urgh…. If this was the management team of PSL and MINT then I would say fantastic company, but no its TTA

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