ADVANC launches commercial 5G on mobile phone, the 1st in Asean, offers 5G roaming in Switzerland and UAE. Upbeat outlook from strong data traffic as demand for work from home, allots Bt15b capex to expand network.

Comment: I’m hearing the same questions today about 5G as I heard about 3G and 4G. “Whats the point of it? There’ll be no benefit to me” I think you’ll see the impact will be quite dramatic just as we have with 3/4G. Now can a telco monetise it well? That’s a different question….

AUCT firms on 10% revenue growth target driven by hefty number of seized vehicles 70-80k units waiting for auctions.

BCH sets 10-15% revenue growth target this year, target 5% growth in social security patients to 900K, min impact from covid-19, with only 11-12% foreign patients exposure.

CCP maintained FY20 revenue mix 80:20 (Public:Private) projects to mitigate default risk, 60% of Bt1.7b outstanding backlog to realize this year, will up capacity of ready-mixed concrete to fill demand for shorter construction time, add precast production for road and bridge to capitalize on infra expansion, eyes 10% revenue growth target >Bt2.8b.

NETBAY: Bualuang AM raised holding by 0.6% to 15.1969% of total outstanding on Friday (Feb 28), SEC filing.

Comment: A good co at a good price today.

SIRI target new 18 residential projects worth Bt24b, 8 condos projects on schedule to transfer this year, Bt47.5b backlog to realize till FY23, eyes 40% sales growth target above Bt29b, Bt33b full year topline.

Comment: I was surprised by their decent 4Q19 #’s.

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